Photo: A woman buys a used jacket and finds a chilling message

The young woman shared the message in the garment’s pocket with her followers, who differed in opinions about whether or not to use the jacket they received.

United States (RT). A woman named Joan bought a device Used jacket at Charity store from Florida (European Union) And in one of his pockets he found a note in it Former owner The buyer’s husband, Scott Murray, requested to be buried with her in a Facebook post published last week that was echoed by local media.

“Bury me in this red suit,” reads a handwritten note attached to a safety pin inside the garment pocket.

Several internet users were quick to provide their opinions on the discovery. “How sad it is … Your family may have never seen this before. One commented. Another pointed out,” I should have put it somewhere more visible. “

There were also those who suggested that the previous owner of the jacket may not have died, arguing that he may have simply changed his weight and decided to choose new clothes for his future burial.

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“This is very sad. Be warned. Another person joked,“ The dead owner can chase you because of her jacket. ”Likewise, one netizen said that from now on, he would put a similar note on all the clothes he donates.

Another social media user commented, “This is scary, I couldn’t use it,” while some expressed hope that Joan would be able to locate the family of the previous owner to return the jacket.

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