Pierre Emerick Aubameyang suffers from malaria and was rushed to hospital: “I haven’t felt myself in recent weeks.”

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is the captain of Arsenal and one of its most important elements (Reuters)

This Thursday is a football player Pierre Emerick Aubameyang Thousands of his followers have reported that he is recovering after contracting malaria in Gabon. At the moment, there are no further details of his team, although according to his posts, his health has improved significantly and he will soon return to play for Arsenal in the Premier League.

Hey guys, Thanks for all the messages and calls. Unfortunately, I contracted malaria a few weeks ago when I was on the national team in Gabon.. I spent a few days in the hospital this week, but I am already feeling a lot better every day, thanks to the great doctors who discovered the virus and treated it so quickly. I haven’t really felt like me in recent weeks, but I will be back stronger than ever soon! Post the African gunner on his social media.

Malaria, also called malaria, is the most important parasitic disease in the world, transmitted by the bite of the Anopheles mosquito, and if not treated in time, it can be fatal. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report published in 2020, In 2018, there were 228 million people worldwide who contracted the disease, 85% of them from India and sub-Saharan Africa.. In addition, about 700,000 people die every year, many of them children under the age of 15.

Its most common symptoms include fever, chills, headache, muscle fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

Photo by Pierre Emerick Aubameyang from the hospital
Photo by Pierre Emerick Aubameyang from the hospital

For this, Aubameyang He missed Arsenal’s match on Thursday in the Europa League. Mikel Arteta’s side face Slavia Prague in search of a ticket to the tournament semi-finals after tying 1 to 1 in the first leg in England. If ranked, it will be measured next time against the winner of the cross between Dinamo Zagreb and Villarreal.

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Travel forward Gabon He wears the colors of his team that qualified for the African Cup after beating Democratic Republic of the Congo In Franceville, a match in which he scored one of the goals.

The scorer contracted with him until 2023 Arsenal, The club he reached in 2018 after a successful spell at Borussia Dortmund, He was named the best soccer player in the German Bundesliga in 2016 and was the top scorer the following season. Since signing on Arsenal, Scored 81 goals in 129, and managed to secure the Golden Boot in the 2019 Premier League and lift two trophies, the FA Cup and Community Shield, both in 2019.

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