PlayStation is preparing to bring its popular franchises to mobile devices

PlayStation is preparing to bring its popular franchises to mobile devices

PlayStation Studios is looking to appoint a new director for mobile games, a major position that will lead the development and strategy of PlayStation mobile games and the adaptation of some of the company’s most well-known franchises to mobile devices.

According to a list of job opportunities shared on the ResetEra Games Forum, PlayStation Studios mobile headquarters will be based in San Mateo, California, and will “advance the vision, mission, and strategy for mobile game development. Within PlayStation Studios.”

“As a Mobile Device Manager, you will own and evolve the PlayStation Studios’ mobile gaming strategy and help lay the foundation for future growth opportunities.” In addition to expanding mobile game development, the business requires “a focus on successfully adapting to the PlayStation’s most popular mobile franchises.”

The post also says that the new director of mobile games will work with the PlayStation Studios leadership team to develop a product roadmap for “3-5 years”, so it is possible that new mobile products will not be released immediately under this post.

Mobile gaming is a massive, multi-billion sector of the video game industry, and the biggest companies are already filling this space with varying degrees of success. Among the major console makers, Nintendo is one of the most successful mobile companies thanks to partnerships with developers like Niantic, who have created hit games like Pokemon Go and work on the Pikmin Augmented Reality title.

Third-party companies like Activision are also seeing huge successes with mobile versions of Call of Duty. Meanwhile, Blizzard is also looking to expand into mobile devices with several projects for the platform in action.

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Sony recently announced that it was closing the PSN Store on PlayStation Vita, its dedicated mobile game system. But thanks to the power of smartphones, PlayStation may look to mobile devices as a new medium for mobile gaming.

It also remains to be seen what kinds of games PlayStation will be producing for mobile devices given its clear focus on blockbuster console games like PlayStation 5. But as we have seen with PlayStation’s acquisition of the Evo Fighting Championship, the company appears to be looking to diversify its product offerings.

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