PlayStation sets its eyes on Xbox Game Pass according to David Jaffe | SPORTS-PLAY

PlayStation sets its eyes on Xbox Game Pass according to David Jaffe |  SPORTS-PLAY

Over the past few years, we’ve seen online services become the new normal. In this business model, they offer you a catalog of movies, series, or video games as streaming so that you don’t pay for a product separately. Xbox already has a subscription to the game called Xbox Game Pass and Play Station He was considering making his own version.

David Jaffe, The creator of God of War, shared a video on YouTube in which he talked about it. Announced that PlayStation will consider facing Xbox with its own subscription outside of PS Plus.

Remember, the latter actually gives us the option to download a few games for free, and to use online services. However, another subscription will give you a huge catalog of titles to try whenever you want.

What I can say is that they do some things because I know people at Sony who have told me that they do. There will be a response to Xbox Game Pass. I’ve already said many times that the people who write Jim Ryan obituaries come in too earlyDavid Jaffe explains.

Of course, this has been questioned because if you have a PS5 console and have paid for the PS Plus, they have a catalog of games from the previous console (PS4). comprehensive Jim Ryan They commented that they are not planning to compete with Xbox in this regard.

We will not end up putting new launch games on the subscription form. The news will come, but not todayHe explained in a previous interview.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is now out and this trailer has been released

New jewel in the catalog PS5. Oddworld: Soulstorm is now on sale on the new PlayStation, PS4 and PC through the virtual Epic Games store.

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Announcement Oddworld: Soulstorm It was released online and celebrated with a new trailer. In addition to the cinematic, the images show some levels of this platform, title action and stealth.

Please note that you may have it Oddworld: Soulstorm Free if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, but only its version for PS5. The title is only available in digital format, so the physical version will have to wait until July.

Oddworld is a fictional world, peaceful in nature, in danger of being gobbled up by corporate ambition. It is a planet ten times the size of the Earth. The main continent is Modus. Hence the name of the breed that is controlled in most nicknames, “Modecones”.

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