Previous Fluminense vs Junior de Barranquilla: There is no tomorrow for the “shark”

Tonight there will be a new transcription day, a totally decisive day, if the Barranquilla members don’t win, they say goodbye to the Libertadores. Whereas Fluminense is one victory far from being quiet in glass.

Barranquilla’s team added a total of three points, the result of three draws and one defeat, which are three units from River Plate, The last ranked team in this group. On your side, Fluminense is the leader, Victory will rank him as leader of the group

Fluminense, to triumph softly breathe in glass

Fluminense comes to this duel as the leader of the region with eight points and their ranking can be judged by a date at the end of the stage. The victory over Junior would become a long way off and so he could face the final day of the cup with more calm.

Those led by former Brazilian footballer Roger Machado came from a 1-1 draw against Flamengo last Saturday, in the Maracana, in the first match for the Carioca championship title, One of the regional and popular championships in Brazil, where he has been unable since the tenth day of the regional championship to maintain his arc at zero. However, it was recorded Four draws and four wins.

In the first match that Junior and Fluminense faced, it ended 1-1, in Guayaquil, Temporary headquarters for the game, because Rugeblancos They were unable to play in their home court due to the social crisis that the country was going through. Miguel Borja scored for the junior team, while the talented Kiki equaled for the Brazilian national team.

In the Copa Libertadores, he scored two draws and two wins, with the two victories over Santa Fe as a result 2-1 after that, he was tied against River with a goal and the other was against Junior.

List called

Junior to add three to not eliminate it

Junior plays one of his last two Libertadores Cup cards. There is no margin of error. To survive, he must win the last two games, starting today, and hit the legendary Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, When leaders are measured by Fluminense, for the fifth history of the group stage of the Extreme Continental Championship.

And this big hit should be done without two of his main references: Miguel Angel Borga and Teofilo Gutierrez. The first, suspended due to the accumulation of yellow, and the second, due to the exacerbation of bilateral Achilles tendinitis from which he had not yet been able to recover. In addition, he will not be able to count on the main players who, for various reasons, will be victims in Rio: Freddy Henestroza (suspended), Luis Cariaco Gonzalez (injured) and German Mira (injured) This represents a difficult task for those led by Luis Amaranto Beria.

Artwork Red and white He also hopes to build a competitive team that will face the Maracana against Fred, Nene, Kaike and the company “Flu”.

The news will be in the offensive zone, where it highlights the return of Fabien Sampiosa. The Argentine creator was off the field with an injury, but he managed to recover in time to help with the number of injuries Junior will face in the decisive match at the Maracana.

List called

Possible configurations

Fluminense: Marcus Philip; Caligari, Nino, Lucas Claro, Danilo Barcelos; Iago Philip, Martinelli, Kaike, Nene, Luis Henrique; Unique.

Carpentry: Sebastian Vieira; Fabian Viavara, Wheeler Dita, Gabriel Fuentes and Danny Rosero; Didier Moreno, Larry Vasquez; Fabian Sambioza, John Bagoy, Edwin Citry; Carmelo Valencia.

Referee team

Center: Roberto Tobar – Chile
Assistant # 1: Christian Sciemann – Chile
Assistant # 2: Claudio Rios – Chile
Fourth Judgment: Angelo Hermosela – Chile
Referee Adviser: Hilton Molteneo – Brazil
Video advisor: Jorge Larionda – Uruguay

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