PS5: Sony console explodes sales records in US!

The new record for the PlayStation 5e by name. In fact, the PS5 can now take pride in exploding sales records in the US!

As you can tell right now: no console has ever sold so fast before. In fact, the PS5 has reached a new record, which puts it above all else. The console of all records is actually displayed Sales figures. Especially in the United States. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

PS5 is a winner Briefly new post. In fact, Sony’s flagship, which is the best, proves once again that it is the cream of the crop.

Nowadays we know that it was then It is difficult for a manufacturer to recreate a stock On his computer The next generation. It is clear that sales figures are exploding all records.

The proof of this is that it exists for many Can’t get one of these consoles In the market. You have to handle yourself with a lot of patience to believe that at least one of your hands will hold.

Anyway, Sony managed Sell ​​at high speed. It is fast becoming the best selling console in the United States.

Said PlayStation 5 Can’t beat his rival yet, Nintendo Switch. In fact, the latter is the first console in terms of units sold.

PS5: Sony console explodes sales records in the US

The PS5 follows the Nintendo Switch despite the crazy records

If she comes Rank 2nd in terms of volumes soldNeedless to say, the PS5 made history in no time. In short, an outstanding achievement.

Overall, these are not Not less than $ 4.6 billion The next gen engine was able to collect at least last February. As a reminder, the previous year, Sony had earned only $ 3.1 billion.

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Things have changed somewhat with The arrival of the PlayStation 5e of the name It seems. This increase is associated with a health crisis in any case.

In fact, if people are often at home and some face unemployment, care is needed. Do not consider: New players who want to occupy.

Finally, in the United States, we can say that the PS5 has landed a flying start. All Americans are the same, and a good portion of them won Get one of them on time.

Unfortunately for us, We are missing color, Or some of us. However, at some point Nintendo can’t overtake the switch.

For example, keep in mind that switch games are also popular. Proof it is good Portable console game It sells well in the United States.

This Super Mario 3D world, A platform game that will impress everyone. The game is available from February 12, which means not for long!