10 of the best free QR code generators for your business post lockdown

10 of the best free QR code generators for your business post lockdown

Not using QR codes in business means being left far behind in the ever competitive game of marketing in this era! 

QR codes are normally used in marketing and business printed along with product packaging, posters, flyers, magazines, etc. that gives an added value to a product or a service. It is known to provide the end-user digital information about a product, leveraging the customer experience by having a dynamic and engaging interaction, which bridges the offline world to the online dimension! 

It is a popular marketing tool in the business industry and marketing and is proven to increase conversion rates and sales among their products up to 80%!  

Needless to say, their use has been more realized during the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing a contact-less information while accurately communicating the message to the end-user in a scan. 

But with all of the QR code generators online, what are the 10 best QR code generators popular among marketers and businessmen in 2020? 

Here are the Top 10 picks hailed as the Best free QR Code generators in 2021! 

1. QRTiger 10/10

QRTiger is a free QR code generator with logo online that provides unlimited QR code scans in a static mode. However, if marketers wants to step-up their game and increase their conversion rate using QR codes, switching to a Dynamic QR code is a better option to track the QR code scanning activity! 

QRTiger produces high quality and customized QR codes with an accurate data tracking capacity, where marketers and businessmen can view it even in real-time! Using this QR code software, they provide services such as: 

  • Multiple designing and layout patterns of the QR code
  • Customizing the eye corners of the QR code
  • Setting different types of QR code colors
  • Adding a logo, image or icon of the marketers brand
  • Adding frames
  • Downloading the QR code in various formats such as JPG and SVG
  • Editable QR codes using dynamic
  • Responsive customer support

Moreover, QRTiger is a professional QR code software trusted by many big names in the business industry, such as Universal, Ford, Midea, Yakult, Your M&S, and many others. It is a credible QR code generator online that values and provides user-data privacy behind the QR code’s information even if it is generated using static or dynamic. 

QR code solutions included are as follows: URL QR code, VCard, Multi URL QR code, file uploads (PDF), WIFI QR Code, MP3, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email and Text QR codes! 

That being said, QRTiger is the best QR Code generator in our list 

2. PiiComm.ca 7/10

PiiComm.ca is also one of the most used QR code generators online, but it can be challenging and difficult to set-up. It does not support a wide array of QR code solutions, and it is hard to produce a custom-design QR code. 

The user won’t see the actuality and the design he has chosen unless he downloaded it. This QR code software is only good to use if the user is not in a rush of customizing his QR code. PiiComm.ca is recommended to use as well. The only downside of this software is that- it only has limited designing options of a QR code. 

However, it supports generating free and basic QR code essentials such as SMS, phone number, link, Bulk text, email, and V-card, which can be useful in business. However, with regards, if it provides unlimited scans of the QR code generated using this software, it is not guaranteed as it does not have an option for choosing a static or dynamic QR code.

The user can generate his free QR code and download it right away in a PNG file, even without signing up. 

3. QR Code.Appspot 7/10

QR Code.App spot QR code generator is a simple QR code generator that is easy to navigate. However, it does not support customizing the user’s QR code but is simple and easy to understand. The user can just enter the data he wants to generate in the box provided below to make his QR code. 

It will not require the user to sign-up or leave his email address. He can generate his QR code right away and download it straight to his computer concerning the QR code’s customer support. Appspot, unfortunately, lacks it. 

4. QRickit 6/10

This free QR code creator is unlike any other QR code generator online. It has a bio-data vibe in the interface with black and grey designs around its corners, which is a unique set-up. However, the user might find it confusing where to enter his data, but if he spends some time to sit and explore it, it can be easy in no time. 

However, QRickit only allows the user to generate a URL QR code or website QR code and nothing more. 

He can customize his QR code by adding colors, and the optional text is available as well. The user can only see his QR code’s overall design once he clicks on the “QReate” button, which will then create his QR code. Interestingly, in this QR code software, the user can choose to download his QR code in a GIF, PNG, or JPG format. However, he can only generate a static QR code as the Dynamic QR code is not available for this. 

5. Mobile Barcode 5/10

Mobile barcode is one of the oldest existing QR code technologies. This free QR code generator is easy to navigate and offers a wide selection of QR code solutions such as SMS, URLs, contact details, etc. 

Along with the other QR code soft wares online, Mobile barcodes is also one of the most used. All the user needs to do is copy the URL of his QR code in the box and click the “submit” button to generate the QR code. 

QR codes generated using this software are quick, and the user can experience easiness along his QR Code journey. 

6. uQR Code Generator5/10

With uQR Code generator, the user can generate multiple QR code solutions for free such as SMS, Google map, V-cards, URL, and personalize his QR code in various ways. 

Unlike any other QR code maker requiring the user to sign-up to get started with his QR code marketing campaign, with the uQR QR code, the user can instantly create his QR code. 

This allows him to test the efficiency of the software by making it available for free. 

Furthermore, uQR has quick customer support and is very responsive to the user’s QR code queries and problems. 

7. Tec-it7/10

Tec-it does not have a stylish or outstanding interface like other QR code generators online, but- the QR codes produce using this QR software is free! The user can style his QR codes in different patterns, and he can generate QR codes solutions such as electronic business cards, URLs, WIFI, text messages, and many more.

Unlike other QR code generators online where the user can have the freedom to customize his QR codes like set the color of his choice, preferred design, and layout, Tec-it only produces the standard black and white QR code colors. Nevertheless, it’s great to use as free QR code generator software that customers can also trust! 

8. GoQR7/10

GoQR can be a bit difficult to use and navigate for a first-timer. It has restricted QR code elements and does not enable users to customize his QR code completely. GoQR claims to have a broad variety of QR code uses from t-shirts, mugs, and other products, but the result is not fully guaranteed. 

Just like Tec-it, users can only generate a standard black and white QR code. However, users can add a logo, icon, or image to his QR code that will reflect his company and overall aim. The drawback is that instead of having the users getting the logo for him and applies it; he needs to send to the company the logo he wishes to add in the QR code, which can be a little time-consuming. 

However, one of the greatest features of this free QR code maker is that the user can print the QR code to any sizes with respect to the original size of the QR code.

9. QR Stuff6/10

This free QR code generator can be a little daunting to use for first-timers and can be frustrating and difficult to use. Besides, QR Stuff does not allow users to customize their QR code without signing up first. QR stuff does not provide unlimited scanning of the users’ QR code, so he can opt to use the dynamic for the software’s fuller experience and efficiency. 

They also provide a number of QR code solutions that you can select from Skype, LinkedIn, iTunes, Paypal, business card, event QR app, and more that are not accessible in other QR code generators online.

10. Visual Lead7/10

Visual Lead an eye-catching and elegant interface that helps users to construct an innovative QR code style, it is well-organized in which the QR code categories are divided into five by type: business, personal, URL, social, and utility. The user would certainly not lose control along his QR code journey. 

To create a QR code using this software, the user just needs to choose which QR code category he wants. He can then enter the URL or data needed to generate his QR code in the box provided and tap the next button.

Users can also customize his QR code, like adding a logo, an image, setting colors, and so on, but it can be hard to handle at first. If guests spend some time with this free QR code generator, users might as well learn how to do it and get used to it. In addition, before users can generate a QR code using this software, he must first create an account to proceed.      

Visual Lead also offers you a wide range of custom tools to customize QR code. 

So what is the best QR code generator of 2021? 

Once a marketer realizes the potential benefit of integrating smart technology such as QR codes to make his marketing campaign more successful and engaging, the next question for that would be is: What is the best QR code software to use? 

There are various QR code generators available online and all of these QR code makers mentioned above are unique and best in their own function but- when it comes to serious marketing campaign and tracking conversion capacity of the user’s QR codes, QRTiger stands out as the best QR code generator of 2020 followed by Piicomm and QR code.Appspot.

It is a one-stop-shop QR code technology that offers a wide selection of QR code solutions for all of the customer’s QR needs! 

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