Rachel Levine Biden, a transgender pediatrician, joins the administration

On Wednesday, March 24, the U.S. Senate confirmed Rachel Levine, a transgender pediatrician, as deputy health minister. Rachel Levine, a 63-year-old university professor of pediatrics and psychology, was, until January, the state director of health in Pennsylvania, particularly responsible for the fight against Govt-19.

Here he is in a pose “Important expertise to guide people through this epidemic”US President Joe Biden said this when he announced his appointment in January. But Republicans have criticized the handling of the health crisis in Pennsylvania.

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Rachel Levine was finally confirmed to 48 by 52 votes in the Senate, with only two Republican senators accepting her candidacy, along with 50 members elected in the Democratic camp.

“Dr. Levine becomes first explicit transgender American Senate, a milestone in American history”, White House Communications Officer Matt Hill tweeted.

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“Historic moment”

Associations to protect LGBT people (lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people) praised this commitment. “This is a historic moment”, Which marks a turning point “Important for transgender visibility and integration”, Kevin Jennings, legal director of the Lampta organization, responded. And Rachel Levine “The highest official in our government must be openly transgender.”, He insisted.

His visit to the Biden administration marks a stark contrast to former President Donald Trump’s actions that are considered discriminatory against transgender people. In his presidential victory speech in November, Mr. Joe Biden was the first American president to thank transgender people.

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