Republicans’ post-Trump struggle to “protect” elections

On Sunday, February 28, Donald Trump’s speech, for the first time since his departure from Washington, convened at the CBCAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), a large annual conference of American Conservatives, at a hotel in Orlando, Florida. The big lie (“Big Lie”), the “theft” of the November election.

The pinnacle of “Big Lie”

During this four-day rally, less than seven conventions were held on the alleged irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. In a room dedicated to exhibitors, election technology companies have appeared to promote their voting security solutions. ” We all think the election was rigged “, Former prison administrator Josh Valentine summarizes that he still believes Joe Biden’s election is invalid.

In the aftermath of the presidential election, many Republican-elected officials, experts and members of the Trump administration have broken the perception of widespread electoral fraud. But The big lie Took root. By the end of January, only one-third of Republicans had confidence in the electoral system, according to a morning consultation poll. The so-called manipulated voting machines point to dead or undocumented voters who were able to vote by mail or lost or counted ballots in the absence of Republican observers.

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It does not matter whether the seized courts, including the Supreme Court, which is dominated by conservative judges, have rejected or rejected 60 complaints filed by Donald Trump’s lawyers. ” If Joe Biden wins, that’s it. But we still need to be given proof 20, assesses Republican candidate Becky Heights for the House of Representatives in Georgia in 2020, met at CPAC. ” Judges are human beings. Without questioning this misconception that there is no electoral fraud, they read the exit media. As a result, the courts are afraid to decide these cases, which the media asserts. ”, Thinks about his role behind Republican lawyer Jesse who tried to correct the results in Nevada where Joe Biden won.

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Republican response in the states

Republican-elected officials, stressed by the pro-Trump platform, are now continuing their struggle in the state parliaments responsible for setting election rules. The Brennan Center for Justice, A progressive organization specializing in democratic reform, identified 253 proposed laws aimed at restricting voting in 43 states on February 19. This is three times more texts than last year.

Introducing new conditions for postal voting in the proposed measures: restricting the duration of early voting, banning automatic registration in the electoral roll and round to collect ballots from persons who are unable to go to the polls.

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These plans, which have been denounced by Democrats as attacks on the right to vote, are being put forward on the part of Republicans who need to defend the unity of future elections. The party wants to act before the 2022 midterm elections, which will see some renewal of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Republicans fear a weak mobilization of voters if the credibility of the electoral system is not guaranteed.

OS Dosier. US Presidential Election 2020

The proposed restrictions could run counter to the aspirations of Democrats in Washington. The House of Representatives is soon to examine the bill “HR 1″, which will help access the vote at the national level. Republicans are vehemently opposed in Congress shouting for federal state intervention in state affairs. ” If this law is passed, the Republicans will not be elected, Warns Derai Murdoch, a conservative columnist at the CPAC. We must fight like devils for the honesty of future elections. Otherwise, we will become slaves to the left. “

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