Result and summary of today’s match 15

Pumas and Tigres fought, but ended in a goalless draw at Ciudad Universitaria. Each team had a non-offside goal in the previous game and that with it Both teams can only add one unit The panorama was complex towards Liguilla.

On one hand, Tigers Abandoning three points that could be key in his battle to improve positions in the qualifiers, while Pumas, The team who suffered enough in this Guard1anes 2021And the Still within the 12th seeded to the next stageBut she keeps the door open for the other teams below to still have a chance to fight.

A very fierce match in which no shots were lacking (10 from Pumas and three directly on goal, versus six from Tigres and two on goal), but unfortunately They could not bring down Nahuel Guzmán or Alfredo TalaveraThose responsible for the fences do not fall.

Goals that were not

Nine minutes later, Pumas’ goal appeared to be coming, after Alan Muso slammed with his left foot and shot the ball from the corner; However, the video assistant referee had to step in and the referee The Adonai Escobedo ended up scraping the goal, When he argued that Carlos Gutierrez let the ball slip before passing the pass to Mozo, nullifying the action. A dubious play that left the capital without first opportunity.

Despite controlling gait, Tigres is getting more and more into the game. A quarter of an hour later, Facundo Waller made a mistake and ended up giving a ball to Javier Aquino, who overflowed and sent a diagonal that no one could reach. Great opportunity ended up wasted.

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In 36 minutes, Julian Quinones Sent a place to runners-up, Carlos Gonzalez finished with the party and Alfredo Talavera, attentive to the movements, calculated the rebound and managed to reject the ball from a corner kick. Shortly before the break, several times on either side of the field: Gignac tried to defeat Talavera, But his shot ended, while Nahuel Guzman rejected Carlos Gutierrez’s bid and Juan Ignacio Denino couldn’t control the counterattack, so he ended up over the crossbar.

For the second part, Tigres was the one who suffered from an impermissible goal. Once procedures resume, Quinones Send a ball to the area and Carlos Gonzalez Multiply to get it. In the review already in the video assistant referee, the shots showed the ball was already knocked out before the Colombian sent a pass. Contrary to Pumas’ canceled annotation, this time the play was clear and was applied fairly.

Pumas tried to generate danger and take advantage of the chaos that a canceled goal could have caused in the Monterrey environment: Sebastian Saucedo advanced to the right wing, sending a good cross pass to Johan Vásquez, who dropped the ball, but was uncomfortable, He finished the ball without sufficient direction, sending the ball to the side of the post. after minutes, Gignac Pass the ball to Carlos GonzalezWhich, in turn, fell on the high heels Leo Fernandez He was late, so his shot ended in a goal explosion Talavera.

The end was approaching and both teams pressed the accelerator, realizing that they needed to press to look for a foul and try to take the three points. 15 minutes from the end, Diego Reyes gambled with a powerful shot that looked like it went into the cornerIf not because he ended up hitting the bar and allowed some college break.

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With pressure Tigres tried to subdue the Pumas, but they couldn’t settlements. Talavera remained the symbol of the capital and refused two shots: one from Geniac, the other from Aldo Cruz. Pumas wasn’t far behind either, and Waller took a long cannon that Nahuel could hardly defend.

In the end, the scoreboard did not budge. A somewhat crowded game that was not rewarded with a goal, plus both teams had to make do with a point in their quest to improve positions in the qualifiers.


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