Ricardo Montaner and Juan Luis Guerra published “God So Wants It”: How the subject was born and what was the role of Camilo

Juan Luis Guerra s Ricardo Montaner Joined inGod wanted it this way“Collaboration is really successful. The video, in just three days, garnered nearly 7 and a half million views.”

The song was written by Montaner with brothers Jonathan and David Yulka, the Venezuelan musician Yasemel Marufu and his son-in-law Camilo. Something started popping up in the studio for no reason. We had no clear idea of ​​what we were looking forMontaner, 63, admitted a few hours after learning the topic.

“We knew what I wanted was a love song that followed the basics This new album is dedicated to love and deep feeling That a person can get to his partner, ”the artist added. With the passage of time,“ God willed it ”took this rhythm as a cumbia taking the listener, yes or yes, to the Caribbean.

Once I added my voice, everyone said to me, “This song is in a duet with Juan Luis Guerra would be amazing“The idea came to my heart first, I admire all of his music. I have known him for a long time and he is a brother that my family and I love so much,” Montaner explained.

The singer did not hesitate to contact him. And on how to contact, via the Argentinian-born Venezuelan artist, “I brought up the topic and told him that I dreamed that I could do it with him. Juan Luis didn’t let me finish, literally, he didn’t let me finish. He told me he was pleased with the song and of course he said yes.”

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“God willed it this way” is a tribute to the union of a man and woman that God had planned before they met. For Juan Luis Guerra, also 63, sharing this work with Ricardo brought him great joy. “He conveys joy, as if every day for him was from this. We had planned a collaboration for a long time but the opportunity didn’t come, this time it happened, ”said the most important Dominican singer-songwriter in the industry. During his nearly four decades in music, he won, among other things, three Grammy Awards and over 20 Latin Grammys. .

The song’s video highlights the strong and intense love that continues through the years and is embodied in various marriages. “Juan Luis and I believe in love forever and that God chooses the best partner for each of usIt is the text that appears at the end of the audiovisual file. It is dedicated to the memorial of Odoardo Pogglioli, one of the participants in the clip that appeared with his wife, who was married for 68 years. Odoardo died while editing the video.

As with so many collaborations that emerged in the past year, they had to be recorded from a distance due to the pandemic. “Since I sent him the song, everything went great. It was impossible to meet Register it in the Dominican Republic and I’m in Florida. But I think the result is more than clear, ”stressed Ricardo. Montaner said,“ It is a beautiful love song, I hope it touches everyone’s heart. ”

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