Rumor: Sony did not approve the new Kojima due to sales of Death Stranding

Rumor: Sony did not approve the new Kojima due to sales of Death Stranding

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Although many games Hideo Kojima It has the status of fantastic games or masterpieces, the reality in terms of the market is very different for Japanese creativity, since the commercial success of A solid mineral of lime It appears to be becoming a heavy tile because for years there has been an expectation of the huge hit it could deliver in terms of sales, but it just wasn’t. With Death by strand It looks like it wasn’t any different, at least on the PS4, and that might represent another link in the recent wave of rumors It indicates a new relationship between Kojima and Xbox.

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The sales ghost haunts Hideo Kojima’s project once again

In recent days, the gaming world’s attention has focused on what could be an upcoming announcement about it Agreement between Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions and Xbox A new video game, this is after Jeff Grubb, from VentureBeatDisseminating information in this regard, albeit informally. Amidst the controversy that generated and predicted the news, new information appeared, this time from the insider, Shepchell-Ed, who revealed, according to his sources, that Hideo Kojima had proposed a new video game to Sony Finance and Publishing, as it happened with Death by strandBut the Japanese company did not approve it due to the latter’s low sales. The song that sounds again a year later.

Continuing the information, this fact prompted Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions to enter into dialogue with Google in search of STADIA support, perhaps in search of an option like the one that Epic Games offered on Fumito Ueda, as well as an Xbox one. In this sense, insiders state that the deal with Xbox is almost over, and we will surely soon know more about this new creative relationship.

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Nothing official, but Kojima will hardly continue with PlayStation

Like all information of this type, it should be taken with caution, but without neglecting the details. One of them is that Sony and PlayStation did not say anything about sales Death by strand, Which is something they did with their exclusive ads when they broke an important goal. In the same way, Yes good Death by strand It was well received on my computerThis happens long after its launch, and as is known, companies measure the success of the game in terms of business according to its performance in the pre-sale stage and in the first weeks after its launch, and in cases of exclusivity, the sales status of the latest game from Kojima can be considered from the above.

Finally, the PlayStation strategy for PS5 appears to favor large productions and a range beyond video games, including series, animations, and releases in other types of media. This will be done with the franchises already in place and with lucrative potential, which is rare with Hideo Kojima.

What do you think that? Is Xbox Train the Right Fit for Hideo Kojima?

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