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Bango makes the Santander relay Rami Abu Khair As CEO of the group’s business in Spain, he agreed to take over from Enrique Garca Candலles in 2015, and two years later he will accept the challenge of consolidating the business of the Bango Popular he acquired.

According to L. Confidential, his responsibility could be taken over by Portuguese Antonio Simez, who was annexed by Santander as regional head of Europe from HSBC last September. The Bank declined to comment on the matter.

Through this movement, progress will be made in renewing the leadership of Santander Spain, where in 2019 Luis Isaci joined from the historically significant Rodrigo Echenik to take charge as the non-executive chairman of the branch. Prior to Santander’s arrival in Spain, Izasi was President of the Nation and President of the Morgan Stanley subsidiaries in Spain.

Abou Khair, CEO and senior executive of the subsidiary, is a trusted person of Ana Botton, with whom he began working at Banesto, accompanying him when the banker heads to the British subsidiary Santander.

Santander signed for Banesto in 2002 and advertised the original ‘123’ from its products and clients section, refunding purchases in the form of Visa. Bodon immediately connected Abugair with close associates who followed him to the UK, where they introduced an improved version of the ‘123’, which later became a primary product in many markets, including Spanish, after its successful launch in the UK. British.

Simez joined the bank on September 1 as managing and supervising the group’s businesses in Europe, and has been announced by managers or CEOs in Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Poland. Is part of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese Banking Board and reports to CEO Jose Antonio Alvarez.

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