“Satanic” sneakers are causing corruption in the United States

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They are causing controversy in the United States. MSCHF, which specializes in limited series products, put up “Satan Shoes” for sale online at a specific date. But there is a drop of blood in each. They co-produced with American rapper Lil Nass X, best known for his hit “Old Down Road”, whose remix flew in the spring and summer of 2019.

This model was originally an Air Max 97 sneaker made by Nike, which included some distinctive signs reminiscent of the devil, especially a pentagram (a star with five points on the reverse), sometimes considered a satanic symbol. According to the MSCHF, only one drop of blood was injected. As of Monday, the day the model sold 666 copies, a number associated with the devil, Nike, was suing the small company in a federal civil court in Brooklyn.

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Nike “not connected”

“The ‘Satan Shoes’ were made without Nike’s approval or approval,” OEM said in a statement. “Nike has nothing to do with this project.” The toolmaker is demanding that it stop offering the pair of shoes, all of which went on sale on Monday for $ 1,018 a pair (approximately 864 euros). Without measuring the damage, he also says the damage. Nike points out that this model is confusing and calls have already been made to ignore the supplier.

Most commonly, sneakers caused a scandal, with Internet users denouncing the sign of the fall. “We are in a fight to save the soul of our nation,” Republican South Dakota Governor Christy Noym tweeted the shoes Sunday. “We have to fight hard, (…) wisely. We have to win.” On Sunday, Lil Nass X posted a video on YouTube that begins as an apology message before heading to his latest clip “Montero”, which was released on Friday, in which he performs a lust dance on the devil’s thighs.

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