SME employers are increasingly concerned about the US economy

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In the United States, the morale of small business owners is also low. Contrary to environmental confidence in Wall Street betting on the strong impact of Joe Biden’s stimulus program, it worsened in January (-0.9 points, 95), the lowest level since May 2020, according to a study. The National Federation of Free Businesses, which represents small businesses in the United States, publishes a monthly survey that measures entrepreneurial morale.

The percentage of business owners expecting improvement in the economy has dropped by 55 points in the past four months, the federation said. After resuming operations in the spring and summer, the Govt-19 epidemic resumed in the fall, forcing many small businesses to reduce their activity. For example, many restaurants are forced to close their dining room service. Companies that were able to restructure in the spring were forced to lay off for a second or third time.

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“Covid-19 continues to dictate how small businesses should operate,” William Dunkelberg, the federation’s chief economist, was quoted as saying in a statement.

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“When Congress discusses adopting a new stimulus package, small employers welcome any assistance program that will motivate them,” he said.

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