TCL showcases its first flexible and rollable phone | Algebraic

TCL showcases its first flexible and rollable phone |  Algebraic

TCL just launched a new concept phone called Fold ‘n Roll, and as the name suggests, it’s the world’s first phone that can fold and roll as well.

At the moment, manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi and Huawei are betting on phones with a flexible screen, while brands like OPPO and (until a few weeks ago) LG showed their bets to join the trend, albeit with the display phones. Screen, i.e. instead of the user bending the screen by hand, it is a mechanism that stretches or contracts the screen.

TCL, which has already showcased its first phone with a flexible 3-segment foldable screen, is now taking another step forward by combining a flexible display with a Roll-up to bring to life what they see as the future of mobile devices. , Indicates One zero.

Three options for use in one phone

The TCL Fold ‘n Roll has a 6.87-inch screen when folded, that is, when used as a “normal” smartphone. However, when a user wants to extend the screen, they only have to open it as with Z Fold 2 or Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold to use its 8.85 inch screen.

But that’s not all, because once the device is deployed, the mechanism that opens the screen can also be activated to extend the panel up to 10 inches, that is, the perfect size for a tablet.

TCL prides itself on having a versatile phone thanks to a smartphone, phablet and tablet in one device.

The company has not revealed the phone’s specifications because it is a concept model, but it has confirmed that this year it will launch its first phone with a flexible screen, although it is most likely not the Fold ‘n Roll.

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