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Mexico City. – Teresa Ruiz She was one of the Mexican actresses who, due to her great acting talent, was able to position herself in the international film industry and after participating in some successful Netflix series, her career skyrocketed like foam.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 32-year-old actress will work side by side Mel Gibson In the biography of a boxer Stuart Long, Who became a priest after a tragic accident that prevented him from continuing with sports.

The movie called “Father Stu” will be responsible for Mark and the Tower, Who for the past six years has tried to bring the history of the sporting legend onto the big screen and as part of a cast he thought of the Mexican Teresa Ruiz.

The young actress, who has participated in a successful Netflix series such as “Narcos: México” and in the second season of “Luis Miguel: La Serie”, will play the girlfriend of the main character in the story, an attitude that makes her very happy. Thus he made her known on his Instagram account.

Incleiblemente EmocionadaRuiz wrote in the caption for the screenshot where the Hollywood Reporter article appears announcing his post.

Other works by Teresa

In addition to participating in “Narcos: México” and in the second season of “Luis Miguel: La Serie”, Teresa Ruiz worked side by side. Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas In “Bordertown,” a story deals with Ciudad Juárez’s femicide.

He also acted in films such as “Tlatelolco” by the artist Carlos Bolado; In “Cantinflas”, where he played “Meche Barba”, and in “Colosio: El Asesinato”.

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More details about the movie

According to what was reported by the American media, “Father Stu” will play the star Mel Gibson, who will play Father Stuart Long, who will be directed by his partner Rosalind Ross, who was also responsible for writing the script.

“Father Stu” tells the story of Stuart Long, a young Catholic who approached boxing as a form of liberation and catharsis, but suffered a broken jaw, so he moved desperately to Los Angeles to start his film career.

Stu’s dream of a movie career is interrupted when he has a terrible motorcycle accident.

While in the hospital, Stewart went through the out-of-body experience and returned the faith he had lost within his being, which is why he attended Mount Angel School in Oregon.

During the study, the former boxer was diagnosed with a degenerative muscular disease, but that did not prevent him from working as a priest in Montana Parish, using a motorized chair until 2014, when he passed away and became a model of faith and love for many people.

Production is expected to begin in the middle of this month in Los Angeles, California.

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