Texas opens the vaccine for everyone


While many countries, states or regions are struggling to obtain vaccine dosages, Texas is taking unprecedented action until Monday, March 29: there is no longer a limit, everyone can access the vaccine.

With our correspondent in Houston, Thomas Harmes

« Even if you are 19 or 64 years old, you are now equally eligible for Govt vaccines in Texas.. State Greg Abbott ruled last week that any adult can now access it Anti-Govt-19 vaccine, In a dose like Johnson & Johnson or in two like Moderna or Pfizer / Bioendech.

They were pre-booked Hospital staff, retired domestic workers, those over 65 and those with a chronic illness or medical history. According to the authors, the vaccine was open.

Bookings are taken by storm

For several weeks now, waiting lists have been filling up available minute seats. Especially by priority criteria, there are smokers and ex-smokers. In addition, vaccinated caregivers do not have the right to request medical documentation. So any Texan can say he has a medical history without proving anything.

For greater equality, everyone over the age of 18 can be officially vaccinated – even those under the age of 16 with the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine – on the waiting list.

There is only one pass for people over 80. They do not need to register before being vaccinated and can send everyone on one line once they arrive at a site.

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