Texas removes the obligation to wear a mask


43,000 people have died from Govt-19 in Texas, but the state is on the verge of recovering from the epidemic Wednesday, the governor ordered. Masks are no longer mandatory and can be opened in shops, restaurants, bars at 100% capacity.

With our correspondent in Houston, Thomas Harmes

With more and more vaccines, more test capabilities, and more safety equipment available, the Texas governor believes that from now on, Covit-19 and more states will be responsible for everyone.

In practice, one department store chain (HEP) no longer recommends wearing masks, but rather another (crocker) will constantly impose it on everyone. Each business will determine what changes or not, according to its customers.

A Houston nightclub advertised itself by announcing on Instagram one evening without masks from midnight on Wednesday, but at the invitation of several elected officials, the club, the Concrete Cowboys, agreed to cancel its evening.

Because only 11% of the population in Texas has been vaccinated, health experts argue that it is not too early to reopen and that the decision by Texan officials has raised eyebrows among elected officials in most cities. But the city of Austin goes further, deciding to continue to fine those who do not wear masks on the street.

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