The attack on the United States Capitol will promote a series

A series of tragic events on Capitol Hill in the United States earlier this year will be released soon. We tell you about this project that is rooted in our immediate past.

Unfortunately new events

On January 6, Thousands of rebels Capitol was attacked for insulting outgoing President Donald Trump. Their goal? Preventing Certificate of results The most tense presidential election a few weeks ago.

Keep in mind that Mike Pence did not finally oppose the outcome of the vote, and Trump was mostly invectivé His “supporters” got drunk in frustration to walk into one of the most iconic buildings American democracy. A few hours later, the protesters Besieged the place With anger and accident, the country was plunged into total chaos.

The whole world started again, which Coup attempt Fortunately, the abortion resulted in the deaths of several rioters and a police officer. Public Gravity Nearly 150 people were injured. Following this dark affair, the results were finally verified and Joe Biden was finally able to take office. Donald Trump is subject to a second Charge procedure For his involvement in the events that took place.

Capitol, the story to stand

Reality feeds fiction, That’s for sure. Shows inspired by real events are very popular, precisely, our colleagues Deadline Capitol Hill has announced that it is producing a TV series based on the riots! It must be admitted that the events that took place are approximate An imaginary look No one expected them to happen one day. The pictures of January 6 shocked the whole world by them The nature of revelation.

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If the project does not have a title yet, we still know a lot about its plot. The project will begin Before the attack Demonstrators and so on Rebuild events This led to this violent and hopeless attempt. So let’s follow the conclusion of Donald Trump’s decree in particular. Many views Will be honored Show, Lets study the Capitol affair through different fringes.

The best orators

Chain Display time, At the beginning of the upcoming series, appealed to two big names. For starters, Shane Salerno will produce this project. Writer-director, he especially signs the scenes Next partsAvatar. In writing and directing, Billy Ray will lead the boat. Screenwriter of the first partHunger game Or even the movie Le Cos Richard Jewel, We owe him a series Humorous rule, Released at the end of 2020 and produced by … Salerno!

Humorous rule © CBS TV Studios

Adapted from the memoir of James Comey, Former Director of the FBI, The Show Four chapters look at the 2016 presidential election and the first months of Donald Trump’s rule. The Historical-political series De Ray can be proud of its exceptional cast. We see Brendan Gleason in the role of Trump. It is rumored that the comedian may look good in the cast of the duo’s new series!

For the record, Billy Ray did Legs and arms His program sees daylight before the last presidential election. Without difficulty, Showtime aired the mini-series Tuesday, November 3rd Latest. By signing this second Show The one centered on the capital could not do politics, thus confirming the chain once again Trust the Creator !

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