The Christmas bomber in Nashville wanted to kill himself

The man who was involved in a loud explosion on Christmas Day in Nashville wanted to kill himself in a significant way, but did not claim ideological rights, the FBI said in its investigation report Monday.

Anthony Warner, 63, “chose to make a strong impact on the location and time of the explosion, while trying to reduce the risk of injury,” the FBI wrote in a statement.

At trial he “acted alone” and did not reveal “ideological motives” or “personal grievances against individuals or organizations” that could explain his action.

Depression, paranoia, conspiracy …

The sixty-year-old wanted to end his life because investigators decided, for reasons such as “paranoia, beliefs borrowed from strange conspiracy theories, loss of stability factors and loss of personal relationships.”

Anthony Warner made a bomb, put it in his camper van and dragged it to the historic center, the folk music capital of the United States, early in the morning.

Shortly before it exploded, he read a shimmering record over the loudspeaker, calling for the people around to evacuate. Despite the magnitude of the explosion, it caused extensive damage to the neighborhood, with only three people injured. Police quickly identified it as a “deliberate act” without identifying a motive.

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