The crisis on the southern border of the United States: the moment of truth for Joe Biden

The situation will soon become unacceptable. Joe Biden’s focus on fighting the epidemic and showing good results is starting to come under heavy criticism for his handling of immigration policy, including in his own camp. Concerns are mounting. The humanitarian crisis is developing. Since the election of the Democratic leader, thousands of immigrants have come to the Mexican border, hoping they will have easy access to the United States. Joe Biden now has to answer two questions: How to create a draw effect? After all: when the issue of immigrant children under the Trump administration was already so sensitive, how can it effectively manage the arrival of unsupported minors?

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“No time to come”

On Tuesday, US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas could not be reached for comment. “We are on the verge of having more people on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years,” he said in a statement, describing the situation as “difficult”. He notes: “We work 24 hours a day to manage it.” Unsupported minor children do not return to their home country. But, vulnerable, they could not be in Mexico without special protection. They are easy prey for all kinds of smugglers. So there is a real reason for the concern of the Biden management. However, many minors are at risk of “disappearing” in nature: Alejandro Myorgas confirmed that the border is packed with reception facilities for those under 18 years of age.

For now, there is no way for the Biden administration to really act, other than to say that the situation is being taken seriously. Many senior officials insist on adhering to a “humanitarian” migration policy and improving the reception capacity of immigrants. But the Home Secretary also told the ABC that the White House was “sending an important message that this is not the time to come to the border.” “I can say this very clearly: don’t come,” Joe Biden told the same channel on Tuesday. We are in the process of organizing ourselves. Do not leave your city or community. “In fact, in the midst of the epidemic, most of those who enter the United States illegally return to their home countries or are ordered to stay in Mexico. Meanwhile, in immigrant networks, word of mouth, sometimes deliberately misrepresented by smugglers, encourages them to always rush to the southern border of the United States.

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More than 100,000 arrests

Republicans are using these tensions to accuse Joe Biden of being responsible for wanting to reverse the decisions made by Donald Trump. Very soon, the Democrat leader wanted to stand apart from his predecessor. He has shown his priorities in the Migration File, which he will coordinate with a broader reform: the first order to end the wall-building with Mexico, which has already facilitated deportations and promises to formalize the millions of illegal immigrants already on American soil for many years. He also gets the most important issue from Donald Trump: nearly 5,000 immigrant families across the border have been separated, and hundreds of children lost in administrative twists and turns have yet to find their parents.

Henceforth, new minors to this pin issue, this time unsupported, will come to the limit. Of the 100,000 people illegally arrested at the U.S. border in February (71,000 in December and 75,000 in January), 9,457 were homeless minors, according to official figures. This represents a 60% increase compared to the previous month.

On Twitter, Bennett O’Malley did not reduce his words. “I am a Democrat, but I would advise the Biden administration to handle the border crisis aggressively, otherwise there will be a setback in 2022 (note for the by-elections). Way, ”he popularized himself by associating chronic traumatic encephalopathy with the practice of certain violent games. He is of foreign descent.

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The makeshift centers managed by the Border Patrol administration are now crowded with nearly 4,000 young immigrants and left to their own devices, much more than what happened during the Govt: these films will not ease the task of Joe Biden, who faces difficulties in implementing its migration reform. To the Senate. They are reminiscent of immigrant children detained under the Trump administration. According to a recent CBS / Yukov poll, 62% of those polled agree with Biden on his role as president, 60% on the economy and 67% on the corona virus. But only 52% find that they have a good migration policy.

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Opponents of the former Republican president use the scarecrow method: Joe Biden’s branding fear, “terrorists” lurking among immigrants, accusing illegal immigrants of spreading the corona virus and tarnishing the image. Border areas are ideal for spreading all kinds of rumors. It is said that Joe Biden has no plans to cross the border at this time. But on Monday, Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy, along with a group from his party in El Paso, Texas, realized the importance of speed in criticizing the Democratic president. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s a human heartbeat, “he said, playing on the record of emotion. “It simply came to our notice then. This crisis is the result of the policy of the new administration. Clarification: Kevin McCarthy has always supported the zero tolerance policy pursued by Donald Trump, including the controversial move to separate families across borders.

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