The European Union wants to increase its cooperation with the United States to improve production

Brussels wants to ensure that European factories can acquire the equipment needed for the development of vaccines. A meeting between European Commissioner Theory Breton and his US envoy Jeffrey Giants will take place on Monday.

“Two to three billion volumes“Vaccines can be produced on European soil by the end of the year,” European Commissioner Theory Breton recently promised. To this end, the EU wants to strengthen its cooperation with the United States.

According to a European source, a meeting will be held on Monday, March 8, between Thierry Breton, who is now in charge of accelerating the production of vaccine doses on the continent, and Jeffrey Giants, an American opponent. Govt-19 at the White House.

The role of the Commission is not one of doing AstraZeneca’s job of restoring the amounts available across the Atlantic.

A European source in Le Picaro

The European Union, which has been criticized in recent weeks for delays in vaccine delivery, has been working hard to accelerate the production of quantities in its soil. Over the past two weeks, the European Commissioner has toured European vaccine production sites and identified key obstacles. To produce messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer / Bioendech and Moderna, the EU needs some US-based products. EU teams spoke with partner sites of the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca based in Belgium and the Netherlands.

«We have tightly linked the production chains between the United States and Europe. The goal is to expect that there will be no sticking point in the coming weeks.European refers to this European origin. The EU wants its factories to be able to acquire the equipment needed to develop vaccines. Some of the elements that will be particularly noteworthy during Monday’s discussion are: messenger RNA vaccines, vials, nanolipids needed for syringes but sterile bags lined up with 1000 liter tanks to be vaccinated. Some manufacturers produce. These are “Disposable bagsThe are specifically manufactured by European companies that have production sites across the Atlantic, but are also manufactured by US companies located on European soil.

Exports of vaccines?

In an article published this Saturday, March 6th Financial Times The EU says it will urge the US government to approve the export of millions of AstraZeneca vaccine to European soils. Washington has ordered 300 million doses of the vaccine, although it has not yet been approved by US authorities. “By reclaiming the levels available across the Atlantic, the Commission has no role to play in AstraZeneca’s work. The EU is not looking for levels, it is not on the agenda », Matches, however, was contacted by a European official Le Figaro.

By the end of the first quarter of 2021, the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company will deliver 40 million doses to the EU, half of what was initially planned. Due to production problems, Astrogeneca has repeatedly failed to deliver on its delivery promises. “The EU will look into whether the panel has fulfilled its obligations at the time of delivery and will act accordingly2, concludes the European officer.

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