The European Union will advise against travel to up to 80% of the world’s countries due to Covid-19

Because of the risks a pandemic poses Corona VirusAnd the United State We will advise against traveling to 80% From countries.

In a statement, the State Department said it will begin updating its travel alerts this week, in order to better reflect the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicators.Center for Disease Control).

“pandemic Covid-19 Remains an unprecedented risk to travelers, ”explained the State Department, which indicated that the alerts take into account all those issues that may affect the health of travelers, as well as the availability of testing in countries, logistical factors and travel restrictions for travelers.

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Management acknowledged that the updates “will result in a significant increase in the number of countries in Tier 4, no travel,” to approximately 80% From countries all over the world. “

Mexico It’s already at that alert level, as there are also 33 more, out of a total of 200, before the update.

The ministry explained that the change does not mean “a reassessment of the current health status of a country, but an amendment to the travel recommendations system at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be more in line with the state’s current epidemiological assessments.” Center for Disease Control“.

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