The great fireball surprises the inhabitants of Spain

Fireball set a path that can be seen in Madrid and even Portugal. Photo: screenshot

a The video that went viral on social media It reports on a terrifying moment when a fireball crosses the skies of Spain And the residents of Madrid are surprised.

The fireball fell to the ground?

Thousands of people were able to watch and record this fireball in the sky in the process He charted a great fall path towards the ground.

Something that could be imagined from a distance looked like a huge fireball It left a trail of light in its wake, so it didn’t take long for someone who witnessed this phenomenon to speculate on the origin of what was rushing toward the Earth..

The Enthusiastic viewer theories They ranged from a fireball being actually a meteor, to debris from a spacecraft or satellite.

In the videos, fireball, which can be perceived From the white midnight black that crosses the sky, It is clear that it is a large circular object that descends very quickly before the waiting gaze of observers.

The descent of the body

And while the videos last two minutes at most, those who snapped photos of the descent of this body were extremely excited during the recording.

  • In addition to the residents of Madrid, Other regions of Spain caught fireball; In countries like Portugal it has also been seen.

The Spanish authorities have not confirmed whether Meteor, As users speculated on social networks, but it caused a sensation among people who saw and recorded this phenomenon.

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