The iBex 35 opens today. European stocks start the week

Opens Key Points on Ipx 35:

  • European stocks are threatening ahead of the session, with buying seen in Asia and new gains on Wall Street.
  • It is very difficult for investors to maintain a risk appetite. The dynamics are positive, but there are more and more worries like geopolitical tensions every day.
  • The dollar is weakening as tensions in bond markets ease, with oil worrying about an increase in outbreaks since the Cow-19 and gold prices ease after reaching $ 1,775.

European stocks started the week on the back of new record highs on Wall Street last Friday and buying in Asia this morning, but were limited by rising geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe and the rise of corona virus cases.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the futures of key notes are already trading negative at this time, but European investors want to extend the buying momentum a bit more and reflect the buying seen on Friday afternoon, which is what will move the market this week before we start considering what it is.

At the moment, with less than an hour to go before the stock markets officially open, the Old Continent’s large selection is moving with an increase of 0.10% to 0.20%, with the exception of the Spanish Ipex 35, which is negotiating with red numbers.

At the moment, the news coming in this week is more negative than positive for investor sentiment. From a geopolitical point of view, tensions between the West and Russia continue to rise between Moscow’s new military maneuvers in the Black Sea and the annexed Crimea and Sevastopol in 2014.

Similarly, diplomatic relations with Iran are being accelerated to return to the nuclear deal, one of its key features since last week’s computer attack after the Tehran regime returned to enrich uranium.

As for the epidemic, vaccination campaigns seem to be accelerating in Europe, but this does not stop the progress of the fourth wave of the plague, and control measures continue to be followed. In fact, last week, health officials warned of a new record from the onset of the disease and the Japanese media today point out that Tokyo could reactivate the state of emergency.

If we look a little further, the week starts with a much lighter agenda, but it will be the Thursday of the European Central Bank (ECP) meeting that will release the corporate results (Netflix, IBM, J&J, Coca-Cola, IBM, P&G) and accelerate with the big appointment. , In addition to other important macro data such as the BMI first estimate for the month of April.

Beyond the stock markets, in the currency market, the movements are more sensible, as is usually the case on Mondays, but easing pressure on U.S. bonds allows investors to look for new adventures beyond the security that Mama Sam gives the dollar. For their part, Bitcoin-led digital currencies are trying to regain sentiment after recording the biggest sales this weekend.

Similarly, in the commodities market, after the price of gold reached the mark of 7,775 per ounce, it did not record changes in its price, while crude oil futures on both sides of the Atlantic adjusted by a quarter of a point and were fined by an increase in epidemics worldwide, which could affect demand opportunities.

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Forecast of stock indices

Technical analysis of the ipex 35

While the 8600-point level does not appear to be in jeopardy for now, the Ipex 35 is the only European note to move in red before opening. If so, the first support of the day will emerge at 8565 points, with immediate support at 8550, 8520 and 8507 to protect the 8500 level.

On the climbing side, the most immediate brake is at the focal point of the day located at 8611, but, if it is exceeded, the selector should have no problem advancing to 8650. From there to the mark 8700, only the resistance of 8668 will lead.

Docs Technical Analysis

For its part, German Docs 30 traded very close to the new all-time high set at 15,515 points on Friday afternoon. If this hurdle can be overcome, investors will be able to re-enter the stock market as strong as it was at 15,300 last week. If so, the points at the intraday resistance 15 587 and 15 677 that appear in the rankings.

On the sales side, the first security point appears at 15,425 and the previous historical high of 15,370 points. If the correction pushes the German index below this level, sellers could see levels like the 15,300 they are already wearing.

EUR / USD Technical Analysis

In the currency market, the EUR / USD is cooling again after a new failed attempt to approach the technical and psychological benchmark of 20 1.20 for the common currency. After returning to 1.1942 during the Asian session, the pair is now moving forward with the intention of recovering 1.1975, which will change the tone of the session.

If it can be overcome, three protests have been marked on the road map of the day before it reached the one-month high seen last Friday 1.1995. The first barrier is found at 1.1980, the second at 1.1984 and the third at 1.1988.

customers Is long.

customers In short.

Highlights of the day agenda

  • 11:00 – Eurozone – Current accounting of the Eurozone and production of the construction sector.
  • 12:00 – Eurozone – Bundesbank Monthly Report.
  • 14:15 – Canada – New home construction.
  • 03:30 – Australia – Minutes of the last meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).
  • 03:30 – China – Priority loan ratio from People’s Bank of China (BPOC).

Check out the rest of the day’s events here In our economic calendar

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Building confidence in business

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