The island records a record of infections due to the COVID – El Financiero outbreak

Cuba, That last year it achieved relative control over the COVID-19 epidemic and had areas without reports of infections for weeks, Authorities stated that it reached a record of re-growth in April with more than 27,000 infections. At the time, scientists indicated that they were working on the final stage of clinical trials of two vaccine candidates, preparing a pediatric test for children under 18 years old.

The island’s director of epidemiology, Francisco Doran, said on Tuesday that 1,083 cases occurred on Monday with 103,524 cumulative infections since the outbreak broke out on the island in March 2020. To date, there are 604 deaths across the country.

“Today again in unfavorable numbers,” Doran warned in an update on state television. “And they agree with the epidemiological situation we face in Cuba, where all efforts are made, all techniques are being made.”

When the month is still three days away, April has already become the island’s worst month with 27,248 new patients and 179 deaths in the midst of the re-growth that began after the year-end holiday, the opening of airports in November and the arrival of new types of the virus such as South Africa and California. , Which has a higher level of infection.

And the month that was previously considered the most damaging during the epidemic so far is March 2021, with 25,686 cases and 101 deaths recorded.

Doran featured drawings to try to raise awareness of the current crisis among calls to meet restrictions: between March and December 2020, there were 146 deaths, but between January and April 2021 there were 458.

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Throughout 2020, Cuba has had fewer infections than countries on the continent with the same population. This has been attributed to border closures, social isolation measures, and house-to-house surveillance.. However, after the opening, the numbers soared, and although they did not take some divergence measures, the increase in numbers could not be contained.

Classes are suspended, in Havana – the capital, which is experiencing the most complex conditions – there is a curfew from 9 pm, transportation is limited, and commerce is almost paralyzed.

Tourism, the engine of the economy, has fallen dramatically and visitors are accepted with restrictions after spending a week of mandatory institutional isolation. The Caribbean nation’s economy is down 11% in 2020 due to the pandemic and US sanctions.

Meanwhile, Cuba is preparing for a vaccination campaign with its own antigens. In Havana, whole blocks were scanned by volunteer neighbors and health workers who went through all the homes to register people over the age of 18 facing vaccination. Associated Press.

The scientific pole is developing five candidate vaccines, two of which, Soberana 02 and Abdullah, are in an advanced stage, with second doses being applied to 90,000,000 volunteers, in addition to thousands of other parallel studies that have been conducted, especially in health workers. The scientists indicated that the scheme for the two vaccines consists of three doses – the last booster shot – which will be completed in the early days of May.

Many countries, especially in the region, They have expressed an interest in the development and commercialization of Cuban antigens, which are the only antigens in a Latin American country.

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