The new Minecraft update will be split into two parts

The new Minecraft update will be split into two parts

Where Mojang They announced this Caves and cliffs, The highly anticipated new major update for Maine Craft, Now it will be Divided into two parts that will arrive separately. Hence, the first part of the update will be available In the middle of this year While the second part will be released At the end of this year.

According to Mojang, the main reason for this move is Ensure product quality As they confirmed it was the biggest update they had done for the game. Developers also want Avoid technical problems and excessive workload For your employees, which also justified the partial delay in promotion.

Hence, the first part of the update will focus on New blocks and mobs, In addition to some elements of the worlds generation. The second part, which will arrive at the end of the year, will focus on it New caves and mountains This will affect the way maps and biomes are created, as well Increase the height of the construction. Meanwhile function archeologyPreviously announced, It will be delayed Even later because it requires more work according to the developers.

Finally, they also guarantee that new updates, although they will affect the game, It will not cause drastic changes in the present worlds So players can continue to use it.

You can watch a video announcing the update change below.

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