The polar cold wave will hit the United States

The U.S. Meteorological Agency warned Monday that temperatures could drop with “unprecedented” cold waves across the United States earlier in the week, with Arctic winds.

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Frostbite, blizzard, blizzard, frostbite from one end of the country to the other, frost surrounds the country for several days from east coast to west coast. Southern states such as Texas, which are more accustomed to recording heat, are also affected.

“More than 150 million Americans live in areas where severe cold warnings, frost warnings, or blizzard awareness programs are in place,” the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

“This interesting cold that hit the United States combines the Arctic high pressure area with the freezing temperatures and the very active depression with waves of rain,” the company said.

“Hundreds of cold logs have been recorded, and this pole will be broken during the winter,” the NWS added.

In the center of the country, temperatures in some parts of Minnesota, one of the coldest states in the United States, have already reached record highs of -45 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

The blizzard left thousands of homes, including Texas, where a blizzard also piled up a large pile on a highway near Dallas on Thursday, killing at least six people and injuring dozens more.

At least seven states: Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Texas have issued weather warnings. President Joe Biden has approved declaring a state of emergency in Texas.

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