The reason for Raul Areiza absent from “Hui”

Raul Areza was recently selected to participate in a project by Jose Alberto Castro (IG: negroaraiza)

the program Today She continued with her changes In the past weeks. Seemingly it was 2021 A hectic year in the morning TelevisaSince the early days of January, they made the first changes with Inclusion of Arath de la Torre in the flight crew; However, it is now evident that some will soon be absent Raul Ureza could be one of them.

Do not forget this since the beginning of the year Changes that will be there Televisa, As well as projects that were on hand. One of them was the production of a new melodrama that attracted the attention of candidates who seemed to possess it. this is the way Without a soul The sound started between different media.

That is, despite the fact that it was not known who would star in this telenovela, in all cases Raul Uriza is mentioned as a believer For this production. After some time, it will be announced that, in fact, Without a soul it will be Produced by Jose Alberto Castro This is among her team He is a driver Today.

Raul Ariza has been in Hue since 2014 alongside Andrea Legarita and Galileia Montego (Photo: Archive)
Raul Ariza has been in Hue since 2014 alongside Andrea Legarita and Galileia Montego (Photo: Archive)

A few days ago, the recordings of this novel began Livia Britto and Jose Ron starring, So it is not surprising that Negro Araiza’s schedule is a bit narrow Between the set of directing Andrea Rodriguez and the sites of melodrama. Hence, you may have to determine the place of residence.

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And so Alex Cavey emphasized in his column that Raul Areiza will have to leave Today Momentarily To be able to fulfill their work obligation on Without a soul. But will it be a permanent change or a complete absence? Apparently not, but it will partially go.

As the entertaining journalist recounted, Uriza will not attend scheduled mornings on Thursdays and Fridays. How long it will last is unknown This is the default scheduleHowever, this occurs in the context that Many of his colleagues have disappeared from the program.

Arath de la Torre joined the program "Today" January 2021 (Photo: Instagramandrealegarreta)
Arath de la Torre joined “Hoy” in January 2021 (Photo: Instagramandrealegarreta)

Arath de la Torre, Who just joined Hoy last January, had to miss a few hours during the live broadcast To cover their registration schedules for the new version of Candido Perez. Regarding Arath, there were also rumors that he is, in fact He does not have a good relationship with his partner Andrea Legaretta.

Talk about an excellent host from TodayAnd Not seen these days within this forum. In fact, now Replaced by Tania Rincon And it looks like it will continue like this for an entire week. Reason? Someone had to take Legarita’s place while she was still on vacation with her family.

It is not the first time That the former host Come joy He was on this Televisa program. At the beginning of March, Rincon is invited to replace Marisol González It was well received by an audience that, at times, He went on to say that they would be happy if Tania was there permanently.

Tania Rincon was already a guest host on Hoy and many fans would like it if she's the official presenter (Image: Instagram)
Tania Rincon was already a guest host on Hoy and many fans would like it if she’s the official presenter (Image: Instagram)

Can The most sensitive absence Who is in the program now? Arturo “Tore” Macias, That was suspended weeks ago from Today After I know Actress Laura Pons accused him of sexually assaulting her. According to Pons’ statements, the broadcaster was supporting his family at the time he was They had financial difficulties; This situation will be exploited by the Macías To get close to Pons.

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With all this and more, It is not known what awaits Today In the future. Although Andrea Legaretta, Arath de la Torre and Raul Areza Their place is still confirmed in the production of Andrea RodriguezMany rumors have emerged about who could replace Arturo “Turry” Macías, as well The ability to add a new driver to the crew.

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