The United States has called for the “immediate release” of the guard

The United States called on Turkey on Wednesday (February 10) “Immediate release” Businessman and host Osman Kavala has been detained for them “Speciax In connection with the abandoned Butch in 2016 and anti-government protests in 2013.

“The charges against the guard, his detention and repeated delays in the conclusion of his trial, especially due to the combination of cases against him, undermine the rule of law and respect for democracy.”U.S. Diplomatic Spokesman Netflix said in a statement. “We urge Turkey to respect the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and to ensure a fair, transparent and expeditious resolution of this case in accordance with its laws and international obligations.”, He added.

Usman Kawala, a civil society figure in Turkey, has been in prison since October 2017. He faces a life sentence in the trial “Attempt to overthrow government”In July 2016, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was allegedly charged with felony criminal mischief. “Political espionage”. The case was recently linked to a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly participating in anti-government protests in 2013. His acquittal in this second case, which was pronounced a year ago, was overturned in January on appeal.

He has always categorically denied the allegations against him, and believes that voluntary charities are trying to set a precedent for the government to threaten civil society. The 63-year-old businessman is known for his support for cultural programs on minority rights, the Kurdish question and Armenian-Turkish reconciliation. President Erdogan continues to describe Usman as a guard “Representative in Turkey” George Soros, an American billionaire of Hungarian descent, is the pet of many dictatorial regimes around the world.

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U.S. researcher Henry Parkie is also under investigation in connection with the 2016 failed coup. He is described in the indictment “Collaborator” Presented by Usman Kavala. In his statement, Nate Price revealed “Care” Against America «L’inclusion This is American national “In these unjustified legal proceedings”. “We believe the allegations against Dr. Parkie are baseless and we call on Turkey to resolve his case in a fair, transparent and expeditious manner.”, He insisted.

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