The United States has issued a statement accusing Mohammed bin Salman of killing Kashogi

Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman of Saudi Arabia is known as the “MBS”) “Approved” And “Implicitly ordered” Assassination of journalist Jamal Kashogi in 2018. This is what the newspaper company says Reuters, Who interviewed four U.S. delegates who were familiar with the matter. These findings will appear in a classified U.S. intelligence report released by the White House. As always Reuters, The administration of US President Joe Biden could release the document early on Thursday.

Biden wants to talk to the king

The new president of the United States, who took office on January 20, has not yet met with Saudi leaders and his closest allies in the Middle East with his predecessor, Donald Trump. Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he would speak to King Salman when the time came, rather than Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the so-called “MBS” privileged speaker of Trumpist diplomacy.

According to CNN, two private jets used by the commando who killed Jamal Kashoki “Powerful crown belongs to a company captured by the prince a year ago.”. A Saudi journalist living in the United States and a correspondent for the Daily Washington Post was assassinated in 2018 by Saudi agents at his country’s consulate in Istanbul. The U.S. Senate, which had access to the intelligence findings of the world’s leading power, ruled that he was the crown prince at the time. “Responsible” In particular the bloody massacre, the remains of which have been cleverly evacuated from the embassy premises.

But Donald Trump does not want to publicly accuse the “MPS” of defending his alliance with Riyadh, which is a pillar of his anti-Iran strategy and a major US arms buyer. Still in opposition, Joe Biden had ruled that Saudi Arabia should be considered a state “Baria” Due to this case and its human rights violations.

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Possible obstacles

Presidential National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan released the document on CNN last week and a “Answer” From Washington “Taking into account those responsible for this murder”.

In Guardian, Several ways of sanctions have been mentioned. If intelligence shows that the Crown Prince ordered or instigated the crime, the United States may allow Saudi companies established in the United States or no longer accept certain investments in the country, or even ban the arrival of Saudi representatives.

Agnes Calmart, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Unlawful Execution of Kashogi Assassination, prompts other possible responses to her role: “Personal assets and targeted sanctions against Prince Mohammed’s bank account” At least, as well “Pressure the Saudis to identify the whereabouts of Kashogi’s remains and allow Kashogi’s children to leave Saudi Arabia if they wish.”. If Mohammed bin Salman is recognized as a sponsor, the prince may also have diplomatic ties with the United States. “Frozen”.

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