The United States is arranging emergency aid for cold paralyzed Texas

On February 21, 2019 at 20:09 at 9:02

In a state of shock, the United States is preparing to deal with bad weather that has hit the south of the country, especially Texas. Joe Biden approved the announcement of a major disaster on Saturday, which will help raise more funds and release aid immediately. On the same day, 14 million people had difficulty accessing drinking water, leaving 60,000 Texas households without electricity. However a return to normalcy was expected in the coming hours.

In all, at least 50 people were killed (from cold weather, house fires, or carbon monoxide poisoning) and millions of Americans were without electricity for several days.

The pipes froze, the pipes burst, houses flooded, causing chaos that no one expected. According to Acuweather, the damage could be as high as $ 50 billion. This would be the worst disaster in Texas history.

Electricity prices will explode

The Great Disaster Plan allows Americans affected by the unpredictable weather to apply for loans to repair or help with temporary housing. The Houston, Dallas and Austin areas are covered by this major disaster announcement, including 77 of Texas’ 254 counties.

Others may follow suit as the damage assessment continues. “The federal government has sent generators, blankets, water and other essentials,” Joe Biden said on Twitter.

The controversy is growing as Texas electricity operators have skyrocketed prices since the return of peace. One of them, Gridi, said he was forced to increase his price by 300 in response to a request. Consumption per household, usually $ 2 per day, thus rising to $ 600!

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“It is unacceptable that Texans, who suffered many days in the cold without electricity or heat, should now be affected by rising electricity tariffs,” said Governor Greg Abbott.

Challenges the Texan model

The organization that manages the network, the Texas Electricity Credibility Council (YRCOT), faces two complaints and an investigation from officials for failing to prepare for the weather. Joe Biden is expected to travel to Texas at the same time as he can pick up the congressional trophy earlier this week.

Some accuse Ercode of neglecting the network and not making adequate investments. The council says the power outage is “the right choice to avoid a blackout”.

However, events may call into question the Texan model, whose network is completely disorganized and disconnected from other parts of the country, making it difficult for external networks to help. Image of a Republican senator from Texas Ted Cruz He was taking a flight to Cancun, Mexico, when his fellow citizens were hit by bad weather.

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