The United States launched a new reconnaissance satellite aboard a giant rocket into orbit

The United States launched a new reconnaissance satellite aboard a giant rocket into orbit


April 27, 2021 18:25 GMT

The successful launch of Delta IV Heavy from California.

new Reconnaissance satellite It was dubbed NROL-82 on Monday by the United States with missile assistance Delta 4 is heavy, The The most powerful fleet From provider United Launch Alliance (ULA).

The Take off It was conducted from Space Launch Complex 6 at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California (USA). Gary Wentz, vice president of government and business operations for the company ULA, A company in equal parts to Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

The missile has an extension 70 meters, it contains 1.76 million liters of supercooled liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen and has Three primary defenses are common. Its strength is only surpassed by Falcon Heavy DSpaceX.

The launch Monday was the thirteenth for the Delta 4 missile since it first launched in 2004.

The NROL-82 mission of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO for English) was the first that ULA launched into space this year. If the schedule is met, ten more missions could be put into orbit before the start of 2022. During 2020, six more launches, including the rover, were launched. DeterminationIt is found on Mars.

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