The unusual reason why Diego Bonita blocked Jey Mammon on WhatsApp

This monday, Ji Mamoon Find out why the protagonist Luis Miguel, the seriesAnd the Diego Bonita, block him on WhatsApp. Apparently, it all originated from A. misunderstood.

It happened while he was broadcasting his show The breast (América TV), where he was a guest César BurdonAnd the Who plays the singer’s director in a production Netflix. At one point, Mammon took the opportunity to tell his story with Boneta.

J Mammon finds out live why he was banned by Diego Bonita – Source: America TV

According to the driver, a few days ago Send the representative a message To convince him to interview you. It was part of a challenge on air that his colleagues put on the radio. Gabriel Schultz and Dalma MaradonaWith the motto of achieving “impossible things”. According to Mamoun, the content of the message was “A little out of place“Because of the overconfidence:”“What are you doing, Bonita?” I made the friendAs a result, without saying a word, a Mexican I decided to ban it.

Moreover, he revealed it Course product The TV also called Bonita and wrote, “I’m from Jey Mammon,” but the result was the same and It was also blocked.

At that point, Bourdon explained what the motive would have been. “I don’t know what the issue is, however “Mammon” in particular“, Explained by indicating the driver’s last name, A term used in Mexico as an insultAnd the This made Bonita think the whole thing was a tasteless joke.

“You will do something because it is love,” the guest added. “How sensitive to be Bonita, come on!Set off perch. “We are animalsHe’s not sensitive, “excuse Burdon.”Release me, poor GayThe driver asked in front of the camera, laughing.


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