These are some Mexican inventions

These were some of the Mexican inventions that changed history.

Every April 10 commemorate World Science and Technology DayThanks to chemist Bernardo Hosai, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1947 for his scientific and medical discoveries. For this reason, we tell you what an Mexican inventions that changed history.

Mexican inventions that changed history

Several Mexican inventions changed the history of mankind, These were some of the most important and recognized.

Color TV

Guillermo gonzalez camarena He was a Mexican engineer who invented color television and in 1940 he patented it “Tri-color Sequential Field System” In 1945, the first color transfers were made at the Alameda Cinema.

Since he was young he had a keen interest in these topics and when he was younger he built his first television with broken radio pieces.

His efforts made him a well-known inventor that even NASA contacted him, and then he had the opportunity to create his own channel called XHGC, known as Channel 5.

The bathroom floats

Jose Antonio de Alzate He was a priest from the eighteenth century dedicated to many of the sciences prevalent today, and he was an astronomer, writer, physicist, theologian, cartographer, and geologist.

He was responsible for inventing the buoy that Controls the flow of water Which is located in the toilet box making it easier for humans to go to the toilet.

Through this invention, it is ensured that water only enters the toilet tank when it does not reach Required toilet height.

Indelible ink

Filiberto Vasquez Davila He was the great inventor of indelible ink used in electoral processes.

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It is mainly used when someone votes and then their finger is marked with this liquid so that they cannot participate again.

Indelible ink It takes about 15 seconds to dry And it lasts on the skin for up to four days without being wipe off.


Chemist Luis Ernesto Miramonts, Found the synthesis of norethisterone, one of the hormones currently in birth control pills.

His discovery put him as the father of the pill and his invention in Mexico City alongside the world Aleman George Rosenkranz.

Contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy, Although they do not fight sexually transmitted diseases.

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