These are the eight people worth over $ 100 billion – El Financiero

These are the eight people worth over $ 100 billion – El Financiero

The rise in technology stocks pushed the number of people worth more than $ 100 billion to eight.

Google founders, Ari page s Sergey Brin, Joined the exclusive club last week, joining a group dominated by American tech entrepreneurs, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The world’s eight richest people have together reached more than $ 1 trillion and together they added $ 110 billion this year.

In 2017, Jeff Bezos from He was the first to reach $ 100 billion since he was the co-founder of MicrosoftAnd the Bill GatesIn 1999. Gates’ fortune declined with the bursting of the internet bubble, and he regained the billionaire title in 2019 alone. Elon Musk from Tesla s Mark Zuckerberg from The social networking site Facebook They joined the club last year as the tech industry spearheaded a campaign to create wealth with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating the shift to the internet.

The Billionaires with a fortune of at least $ 100 billion Most of them reside in the United States. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and other progressive lawmakers have revived plans to impose a wealth tax, although the proposal is unlikely to go anywhere in a deeply divided Congress.

“The American economy is the most powerful engine of wealth creation and prosperity in the world,” John Lettery, president and CEO of the Washington, DC-based Economic Innovation Group, told US lawmakers.

US stocks rose to a new high on Friday amid optimism about an economic recovery. The technology-focused Nasdaq 100 index has risen more than 7 percent this year, and Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, has soared. In the last two weeks by winning the copyright decision. Page and Brian added more than $ 20 billion to his fortune this year, some of the biggest gains.

Warren Buffett briefly hit $ 100 billion in March before hitting it again last week, while Bernard Arnault of French luxury group LVMH has been part of the elite group on and off since 2019.

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