They are sending aid to India for Covid-19

New Delhi: India yesterday recorded a record number of deaths and infections with the Coronavirus, while the death toll in a hospital fire for Covid patients rose to 82, two of the dramas that frame the current health situation.

Nearly 350,000 new cases were reported within 24 hours in India, where the national daily death figures were also surpassed, by 2,767. The Asian giant, with a population of over 1,300 million, is unable to curb the epidemic.

Arvind Kejriwali, Head of the Government of the capital, New Delhi, admitted that “the scourge of the Corona virus continues and there is no truce,” and decided to extend the detention in the region for another week. It is currently in India where the most spectacular images are being produced, with saturated hospitals, beds with two or three patients and no oxygen to save lives.

To help weather the storm, in the words of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States have announced assistance, including Pakistan, India’s traditional enemy.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Biomedical equipment, including hundreds of oxygen concentrators and ventilators, is now traveling from the UK to India.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she would send an aid mission “as soon as possible” to India.

The White House reported that the United States will immediately send materials to India to manufacture vaccines, as well as treatments, tests, ventilators and protective equipment.

In Europe, the discovery of the Indian variant in Belgium, Switzerland and Greece – the latter of which has already surpassed 10,000 COVID-19 deaths – is causing concern.

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In Iraq, where a Sunday dawn fire at a Baghdad hospital designated for Covid-19 killed 82 and injured 110, Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi has been suspended due to anger over a tragedy caused by the disrespectful explosion of stored oxygen tanks. Safety conditions.

The Ministry of Civil Defense said that many of the victims were under ventilation when the oxygen containers exploded, causing a fire that spread rapidly: “Most of the victims died due to their displacement and deprivation of ventilators, and others suffocated due to smoke.”

Al-Tamimi will be questioned as part of the investigation into the fire, along with other health officials. The government declared three days of mourning.

In Latin America, Brazil added 1,305 deaths from Covid and exceeded 390,000 deaths, which is already the deadliest month for the epidemic since the first death was recorded, on March 12, 2020, the government said. The nation thus accumulates a total of 390,797 deaths, according to the bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health.

In the past 24 hours, the country confirmed 32,572 cases, for a total of 14 million 340 thousand 787. Brazil is going through a second deadly wave of the epidemic, much worse than the first, and April appears as the bloodiest month, with 69,282 recorded. Two deaths so far, compared to 66,573 in March.

In contrast, on the European side, the United Kingdom reported the lowest number of deaths due to the virus since September 2020, with 11 deaths linked to Covid-19, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 127,428. These numbers only include deaths that occurred within 28. Days from the first test positive.

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With regard to infection, the European country reported 1,712 cases in one day; This brings the accumulated number of positive cases to 4 million, 404 thousand and 882 cases.

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