They have revealed intro details to Mad Max that Anya Taylor Joy will be portraying

Director George Miller Some details revealed about Angry, A new introduction to the Mad Max series, which will take place before the events of what has been until now the final installment, Mad Max: The Road to Fury (2015), and will focus on the character he played Charlize Theron In that movie, during a project presentation in Australia, which he snapped Sydney Morning Herald. In addition to certification Anya Taylor Joy Appearing as Imperator Furiosa, Miller recounts the differences between the 2015 film and the movie that will start filming next year.

“While Fury Road primarily happened over the course of three days and two nights, this has been happening over the course of many years.”The director stated. “It will be familiar to people who know Mad Max, and in particular Road jitterBut it will also be something unique. “

take photo Angry It will begin when Miller’s work on the fantasy drama ends Three thousand years of longing, Which is currently in post production. After the fourth installment of the saga is filmed in Namibia, he will return again to the Australian desert – as was the case with the first three, starring Tendency GibsonSpecifically for New South Wales. Regional authorities welcome and appreciate the initiative It can generate revenues of at least $ 350 million and generate over 800 jobs.

Meanwhile, he co-created the original story and made all the feature films for the series He’s clear about wanting to bring the new version to the big screen. “This is a story I can’t wait to see in the cinema.”He was released, hinting that he is not considering launching via broadcast, despite the difficulties that the Coronavirus health protocols present to large movie productions.

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In addition to Taylor-Joy in the title role, the film will be featured by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (The Chicago Seven Trial) s Chris Hemsworth (ox). It will premiere in the United States on June 23, 2023.


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