They present the new tunnel of millionaire Elon Musk in Las Vegas, and are already talking about expanding it down the city

The Tesla car enters the subway below the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Curiosity in the principal’s mines Elon Musk, The owner of Tesla, has reached a new position in “Sin City” after being given a roundabout of roads built below Las Vegas Convention Center.

The 43-foot-deep work actually has multiple tunnels and allows the flow of cars to three different stations in the convention center. The plan is to be able to expand the tunnel to major sites of interest in Las Vegas Reduce vehicular traffic.

The tunnel is currently operated by The Boring Company, owned by Elon Musk, the world’s third richest man. According to Forbes. The round has the look of an amusement park combined with a disco.

The project took two years and cost about $ 52 million. People say that More than 60 cars can be put into circulation at once It can carry about 4,400 people per hour.

Cars are initially driven by staff, but eventually Tesla drivers will be able to do so. The first major expo after the epidemic in Las Vegas is scheduled for a big release in June., Which comes from construction companies.

The idea of ​​expanding the tunnel to reach Las Vegas International Airport, the new Riders Stadium, the new stadium under construction in The Venice and other popular sites may be well received if it helps ease subway traffic.

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It is worth mentioning The Las Vegas Strip has an electric transportation system that moves people between major hotels. And signs known as the Las Vegas Monorail, which helps to avoid traffic jams or endless walks.

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