This user converted his 16GB mobile phone into a 64GB phone with a soldering iron

This user converted his 16GB mobile phone into a 64GB phone with a soldering iron

Often we talk about Increase storage On a smartphone or clean unwanted files. There are two ways to get more mobile storage space: delete files you don’t need or install a microSD card. The truth is that These processes just don’t exist. We tell you today How can you increase mobile phone memory Change the internal memory chip. There are quite a few people devoted to this process and most of the time it has a satisfactory result. Of course, in 90% of cases it is treated IPhone phones And not much with Android.

Can the mobile phone memory chip be changed?

A mobile phone is nothing but a file Small computer And run a different operating system. Many of the components on your computer are also present in your mobile phone in miniature format. It contains a RAM chip, processor, motherboard, and file Storage chip And many other ingredients.

The difference between your desktop computer and your mobile phone is a file Component size And mount it. It can be easily replaced on the computer and not on the mobile phone. The smartphone is not designed to replace its components for more advanced components. You use it and when you want to increase its capabilities you buy another one.

Well, there are users who refuse to change their cell phone just because they run out of, for example, without storage space. In your computer, it is sufficient to change the hard drive in a very simple way. at The idea is the same as for Android, But a little more complicated: you have to disassemble the device, unscrew the memory chip, and solder another.

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If, We already expect that it is possible to do so If you have the necessary knowledge, which is based on a good soldering technique and some software instructions.

This is how they make iPhone 16GB become 64GB

In the next video, you can see that within minutes, a user changes a file memory stick IPhone 6s. The device moves from the presence of a file Storage capacity of 16 GB to 64 GB Within minutes. And yes, the station is still fully functional.

It might sound very strange, but the truth is that it does the same thing you would on your computer if you wanted to increase storage, RAM, or change the processor. Yes in deed , In a mobile phone, it is necessary to cancel the item.

In addition to removal and placement, some changes must be made to the new memory stick. This chip is not new but extracted from an IPhone 6s 64 GB Maybe break. With a program, data from 16GB iPhone 6S must be written to the new chip for the system to recognize it and not fail.

It is a very strange process that you may not even know existed and could be done “very easily”. Of course, we already expect it to be a Almost exclusive to Apple mobile phones very old. At the moment, this technology is not used much due to the increased storage.

Can this operation be performed on an Android phone?

The theory tells us it is, and the main problem is that there are no users interested in carrying out the process. In the iPhone 5, 6 and 7 It is very common to find repair shops that will do this but instead it is very rare to see that this process takes place on an Android phone.

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In theory, it should be simpler due to the nature of the operating system. But the truth is that it is not being implementedPerhaps this is due to the low price of Android mobile phones in the mid / low range.

You should bear in mind that at the time of the iPhone 5, 6 and 7 the prices of smartphones were much higher and that the middle range as we know it now was not there. That’s why it now makes more sense Buy a new cell phone Average range before changing the memory chip.

Now you know that is possible Increase phone storage space by changing its memory stickAlthough it is not a common technique today and we do not recommend it at home under any circumstances.

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