Tokyo 2020: More than 70 Japanese municipalities refuse to host athletes

more than 70 Japanese municipalities have abandoned plans to host athletes from the Tokyo 2020 and Paralympic Games With two months left to open the event, according to local media today.

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It was no less than 72 cities in the archipelago They have made a decision to cancel their participation in the “host township” program until the end of this week, and others are studying itAccording to the newspaper “Mainichi” reported on Sunday.

These municipalities It was due to host the National Committee teams in the weeks leading up to the Games opening So that they can train and adapt to the country and participate in cultural exchanges with the population, which have been largely canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

At the end of last April, A total of 528 Japanese municipalities are registered to receive athletes out of a total of 184 pre-Olympiad Olympic and Paralympic committees.Although the development of the epidemic in Japan and the restrictions in effect make it difficult for these plans to move forward.

Reasons for cancellation are varied, but at least Three-quarters of the (54) sites that stopped the program did so after receiving a request from their guestsAccording to the data collected by the newspaper mentioned.

Foreign sports federations remain cautious in the face of the epidemic in JapanWhat or what It passes through the fourth wave of COVID-19 It is keeping the country’s most populous areas (including Tokyo) in a state of emergency, and plans to extend it beyond May.

One of these cases was in the town of Kushiro, in Hokkaido (North), which was planning to host a team from Vietnam. “Taking into account the spread of infection, we will go directly to the Olympic Village,” the newspaper quoted the Vietnamese team as telling the city.

The Japanese government imposes strict border restrictions, including entry for Olympic athletes, and the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee itself. Participants recommended shortening the length of their stay in the country, entering the region as close as possible to their competition and leaving as soon as they compete.

Difficulty adopting some host cities Prevention measures Another reason.

The city of Higashimatsuyama, in Saitama Prefecture (north of Tokyo), planned to accept the Cuban team, but resigned from the program at the beginning of the month due to COVID-19 They cannot use the university facilities they had planned and have not found an alternate location.

In addition to that, many cultural and interaction programs with the residents of these areas can be canceled as a preventive measure against the virus.

With information from EFE.


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