Tom Brady fired Julian Edelman after his retirement

Tampa, Florida. – An exciting duo created by the midfielder, Tom Brady And the previous wide receiver Julian Edelman, During his career on New England Patriots To achieve three of the six interview titles from Energy In the NFL.

The 43-year-old Brady continues to move after he was champion with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and signed a contract renewal. While Julian Edelman decides to end his career at the age of 34, “The GOAT” has not forgotten his happy times in the finals, dedicating some emotional words into his life. Social media.

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“On the biggest stage and in the most important moments, you were always moving forward. You never lost that chip on your shoulder and never let anyone identify you as a person or a player. I’m proud of you, Jules,” wrote Tom Brady.

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“I have seen a lot of the journey and I am so proud of you, your will to win, your ethics, you have always been there to help me and the rest of the team. You have had a great football trip, an exciting life in New England and no doubt you will succeed in whatever you choose in your life.”

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Julian Edelman and Tom Brady were declared Vince Lombardi champions three times, highlighting the Super Bowl LI title, with the recipient interlocking a spherical ball in his hands that came close to falling to the ground, but grabbed it with his nails. In front of the Atlanta Falcons.

He later established himself as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the Super Bowl 53 with his victory over New England at Los Angeles RAMS, celebrating the time a member of the NFL franchise not a bystander won the Last Number Cup.

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He concluded by saying, “Life is a form of gratitude and perspective. I am very happy to you and your family. Seeing that you became a father and the changes you made in your life encouraged me and made me very happy for you. I love you Julian Edelman,” Tom Brady concluded in his letter to his ex-partner.

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