Top Glove is a leading manufacturer of banned medical gloves in the United States


Top Glove, the Malaysian company that makes the world’s largest rubber gloves, has been accused by the United States of using forced labor. Therefore, Washington decided to seize the company’s products in US ports.

Following the investigation, US Customs and Border Protection released its findings. Top Glove is a Malaysian manufacturer of rubber gloves Uses forced labor in its factories. One more step for this company that makes the world’s leading medical gloves. Last year, U.S. authorities already banned the import of gloves from its two subsidiaries.

However, US Customs has assured that this new measure will not affect the import of disposable gloves for consumers. United States, Are very effective in this period of infection.

The company has already retreated to unhygienic housing

For its part, Top Glove said there was no compulsory labor in the production of its products and sought to resolve this dispute with the United States. The company is often accused of hiring many immigrants from South Asia on its sites. The latter, the worst pay, is usually placed in the worst condition.

The Malaysian government has already blamed the company Accommodation of its employees in unhygienic buildings. So she pays a hefty fine.

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