United States. At Amazon, the biggest union election of the year

“I think this is the biggest union election in years. We’ve not talking about one company, but Amazon.” As of this morning, 5,800 employees at the Bessemer (Alabama) site are voting to form a union wing affiliated with the RWDSU (retail, wholesale and department store union). So its chairman, Stuart Appelbaum, refers to the issue as follows: “Largest union election in years.” The company, founded by Jeff Bezos, whose stock market rating exploded with an epidemic, never wavered from its anti-union stance.

He thought he would be warmed by the opening of a warehouse in March 2020 in Bessemer, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, known as the “most secluded city in the United States” in the 1960s: the state, deep in the heart of the South, dominated by the ultra-conservative Republicans’ work for it. The right has been turned into a “fortress,” that is to say, with as few social norms as possible.

In Seattle, the pioneer city with a minimum wage of $ 15

Amidst the club arguments, small gifts and exotic carrots, the Seattle Jaguar continued as usual. One in a row: a pledge of 315 million investments and thousands of jobs, a $ 10,000 donation to the city’s high school to build a science project, and hiring for at least $ 15 an hour with Social Security and stock options.

“We forget it a little bit, but our slogan is double: $ 15 and a union. Joral root

Amazon has been experiencing a social windfall in the United States for a short decade as its headquarters, located in Seattle, pioneered the implementation of the minimum wage to $ 15. The movement began in the fall of 2012 with New York fast food restaurants. “We forgot a little bit about it, but our slogan was double: $ 15 and a union”, I would like to remind you of Joral Ware, one of the first strikers. In the context of rejecting expanding inequalities, Amazon quickly realized that it would not escape doubling the minimum wage.

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So she pretended to take the lead. Everything except one union: this is Amazon’s (rarely) hidden goal. In the heart of Alabama, no one finds anything to complain about, whether Bessemer’s African-American Democratic mayor, or the state’s White Republican governor, each goes there with his or her “small” gift: $ 3.3 million to a public finance chief, 41.7 million in tax breaks second.

Denying the hellish speed imposed by the administration

Batadras: Two months after the tumultuous opening of the “Fulfillment Center” (Discipline Management Center), the modern word for “warehouse” is more industrial revolution and XIX e Century, staff contact RWDSU (67,000 members). Mostly, they are African-Americans and take part in the protest movement after the assassination of George Floyd. They deny the hellish speed imposed by the site administration. U.S. law requires a majority of workers’ votes to form a union branch. From August, the “organizers” began signing a petition. Next month, a website with information and arguments is created. In October, union officials and employees of a neighboring chicken slaughterhouse came to the warehouse gates to distribute leaflets.

In Seattle, the parent company is concerned: a majority vote will set a precedent. She fears the latter like Blake. The ball passed in Delaware in 2014, in which Joe Biden was a senator for thirty-five years. A manager has just discovered a story: the union abandoned his family after his father’s death. The New York Times Pot Ox discovered roses, but it was too late. Then the methods were refined, or almost.

“Managers disguise the anti-union campaign as factual information. An employee

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In recent days, in Bessemer, “managers” have brought together groups of employees (about fifteen each time, no more) and spent half an hour (not deducted from working hours) explaining to them the wrongdoings of unionization. “They present the anti-union campaign in disguise as factual information”, An employee testified that the AL site was not named. com. Exercise can sometimes go wrong. “Why is Amazon pushing our heads with these one-sided ‘facts'”, Said one of the workers. Manager’s response: “Amazon is very clear about its position on the unions.”

In fact. These events appeared in the press in the form of social pressure, which the spokesman did not dismiss: “We want employees to understand the challenges of forming a union. If a union is formed, it will affect everyone on the site, and it is important for partners to understand what this means for them and their day-to-day work on Amazon.” According to federal statistics, wages in union-owned companies are 34% higher.

In recent years, Amazon has been able to believe in the “$ 15” optical effect and the enormous revenue of its employees. It doesn’t look like that in Alabama. “More than 85% of the staff are African-American. Their main concern is that they do not feel treated with respect.” indique Stuart Apple Palm. We see this as a social war, a war for civil rights. “

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