February 27, 2021

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United States – Cold in Texas: After the weights, those in charge jump

The boss of the Texas power plant, along with four other officials, have resigned following a devastating power outage caused by a drop in temperature in the state.

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The exit of Sally Dolberg, president of the Texas Electrical Credibility Council (YRCOT), was confirmed by a press release from officials in the larger southern state known as the Power Lung of the United States.

Millions of Texans lost electricity and clean water last week, and their condition, accustomed to mild temperatures, was suddenly hit by a polar cold.

The U.S. media reports that at least 70 people have been killed in what became known as the Extreme Weather Rule in South and Central America.

Faced with massive corruption – how did Texas, the nation’s largest oil and natural gas producer, sink into such a crisis? – The governor of the state called on the leaders of Ercot to resign. “When the Texans needed electricity, Ercot failed in his mission,” Greg Abbott said.


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