United States: From New York Heroes to Exodus, Andrew Cuomo’s spectacular dumble

Rising star Andrew Cuomo looks pale. The current governor of the state of New York has been in turmoil in recent days, after a proliferation of testimonies from women accused of sexual harassment. Last Monday, a 33-year-old New Yorker condemned his inappropriate behavior at a wedding in 2019. The 63-year-old select officer asked if he could kiss her, and he put his hand on her back as she pushed her hand back. “I was so confused and shocked and ashamed (…) I didn’t turn my head and speak,” he said. New York Times.

A testimony that includes the testimonies of two former collaborators of the Governor. Last Wednesday, her former economic adviser allegedly kissed her on the mouth without his permission and suggested she play strip poker with him between 2015 and 2018. Four days later, 25-year-old former employee Andrew Cuomo reported improvement that made her “embarrassed” in the spring.

Rising star of the Democratic Party

Andrew Cuomo, the son of his predecessor Mario Cuomo between 1983 and 1994 and the brother of star CNN presenter Chris Cuomo, gained national prominence when he screened waves of epidemics in New York last spring. His steadfast handling of his daily press meetings and health crisis – appreciated by all quarters – soon made him a hero of America.

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“He had become an unavoidable moral figure within the Democrats. Some saw him as a potential candidate for the presidency. So the shock was very strong in recent days,” decrypts lecturer Jean-Eric Prana. University of Paris-II-Pantheon-Assas, and an expert in American politics.

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Faced with public outcry, he apologized for the comments on Sunday, saying it was “misinterpreted as unnecessary flirting”. “At work, I’m sometimes joking and I think’s funny. Said in the statement.

However, he did not believe in an explanation, including in his camp. “Who tries to describe himself as a comedian: I was a comedian? It further reinforces the mood of another era,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confronted him on Monday morning. It is good that he is resigning.

The embarrassment of his camp

Calls in this direction have been on the rise in recent days. “The time has come. The governor must resign”, Tweeted New York Democrat Kathleen Rice on Monday evening after revealing a third testimony. State Senate Vice President Mike Giannoris said the allegations were “incredibly worrying.” In the process, state Attorney General Lydia James officially announced an investigation into sexual harassment.

What seriously questions the governor’s ability to stay in place. “There is a lot of embarrassment in the Democrats around this issue. No one really dares to support Andrew Cuomo for fear of offending the Left, or new evidence is emerging,” analysts Nicole Bachchan, a historian who specializes in states – United The photo of Andrew Cuomo on the cover of the New York Post on Tuesday, holding the face of an accused woman in his arms, did not say that things were not going to help.

The elected official wanted to run for a fourth term next year, but major donors to his campaign decided to suspend their financial contributions on Monday, as it was time to reconsider their support. “Those who love him and have been with him for a long time are scratching their heads, wondering how he got to this point,” he said Monday. CNBC, Bernard Schwartz, New York businessman, supporter of Guomo for many years.

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To make matters worse, Andrew Cuomo fired a few days ago from critics for reducing the number of deaths linked to Govt-19 in retirement homes. In particular, the preliminary investigation was opened by federal prosecutors in New York. According to a survey Harvard CABS-Harris Released on Monday, 71% of voters believe he should be expelled if he deliberately hid some infectious deaths. What spoils his image as a hero.



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