United States. Great fear for a Boeing passenger after a furnace fire

The 241 passengers and 10 crew of a Boeing 777-200 aircraft flying between Denver (Colorado) and Honolulu (Hawaii) were killed late Saturday morning.

Minutes after takeoff, United Airlines Flight 328’s right-hand turbojet engine caught fire and began to lose several parts. Flames created by dense black smoke and mechanical malfunction.

The flight crew immediately returned and contacted the control tower at Denver International Airport to request emergency landing permission. According to a report released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing was then able to land safely.

Several passengers were able to film the burning furnace, and Colorado residents also released footage of debris falling from the sky, sometimes causing damage to homes.

Police in Broomfield, near the airport, have also released photos of debris found on the plane’s runway, but it appears no one was injured in the crash, except for material damage. The sky.

The FAA has launched an investigation into the incident. Two advertising disasters in 2019 involving the 737 Max and an advertisement by Boeing after Srivijaya Air crashed a Boeing 737-500 last January would have gone well.

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