United States. Joe Biden heals left side at the start of his tenure

Will Joe Biden be less centered than expected? His introduction to the White House was marked by strong measures to please the Democratic left. In its stimulus plan, the willingness to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour by 2025, to $ 1.9 trillion, is particularly appreciated by the camp of the socialist Bernie Sanders. Family allowances are up to 6,600 per annum and as per a child pay plan.

In Think tanks Biden has been consulted by the committee since the Left won the Democratic nomination, and we have not hidden his happiness. The Environmental Sunrise movement says it meets every week, if not every day, with members of the new administration, including John Kerry’s special envoy for climate. According to Sanders’ foreign policy adviser, he is about to join the Foreign Office.

The right wing is burning. Biden was the most radical and left-wing president in American history, period. , Title 1There is Editorial by Curator Rich Lowry in February New York Post.


Biden may have moderated his entire life campaigning for post-Trump reconciliation, the most progressive of his bases carried out by a Democratic presidential candidate. He has a narrow majority in Congress, which allows him to spend at least part of his agenda until the 2022 midterm elections. So the window of opportunity is reduced.

According to William Howell, professor of political science at the University of Chicago, progressives should not be carried away. What we have seen so far is that a president who starts strong by signing several decrees suspending or inactivating the actions of his predecessors is trying to appear active and energetic in the face of great disasters, but I do not think so. His centrist duties , He explains Western France.

Biden focuses on creating jobs and ending this epidemic. We are in a very centralized duty; He did not talk about relief for the offspring of slaves or the creation of universal public health insurance, the goals of the left. It responds only to the demands of the moment, and as expected by a centrist, centrifugation is a form of pragmatism , Considers the educator.

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William Howell warns that if the Senate can accept the provocation plan in defiance of Republican hostility, Via The so-called “budget reconciliation” mechanism may not be the same for the rest. So Biden must return to his primitive recipe: compromise.

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Joe Biden assists with food aid delivery on January 18 in Philadelphia.

United States. Joe Biden heals left side at the start of his tenureOuest-France.fr

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