United States: She is in a coma and is undergoing liver transplant surgery because she had a hole.

In New York, a woman escaped death after suffering a major infection from her nostrils. He was placed in an artificial coma and underwent liver transplant surgery.

The 37-year-old mother felt the urge to pierce her nose during the Thanksgiving holidays. After a few weeks, she began to show signs of anxiety, including loss of appetite and severe abdominal pain. New York Post.

Fearing Govt-19, Dana Smith did not want to go to the hospital immediately. However, he rushed there in January as his liver started to fail. She was placed in an induced coma and doctors diagnosed her with rare liver failure. They performed liver transplant surgery during his coma.

She found out the severity of the infection when she woke up when doctors told her she had an alternative surgery. During various tests, when they removed the small diamond from her nose, they discovered that her piercing had become contagious and that she had contracted the hepatitis B virus that infects the liver.

So, despite the health condition, the mother of the family encourages all people to go to the hospital if they feel the need: “Even with Kovit, you have to go for another test because you do not know», he told the American media.

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